Don’t throw away dull clothes anymore: pour a cup of this ingredient into the washer to make them look like new.

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It’s a matter of finding the safest way to combat fabric discoloration while circumventing the dangers of washing that can damage or tarnish linen. Say goodbye to strong detergents that are likely to stain linen and make room for the natural solutions we share with you below.

A cup of this ingredient in the washing machine is enough to say goodbye to dull clothes

Protecting the color of your clothes doesn’t have to be a strict method, it’s just about using your washing machine smarter. The good news is that it can come down to choosing which product to use before you start washing. Here are the ingredients you can use to keep your clothes looking shiny and to ensure their protection over time.

Putting jeans in the washing machine

Putting jeans in the washing machine – Source: spm

Use coarse salt to prevent fading of your clothes

These spices alone can do wonders to protect textiles from fading in the washing machine. And the Especially the coarse salt Which seems to be the most effective. To use, add 2 tablespoons to the drum and run a low heat wash cycle. You should soon enjoy a brighter, more vibrant color wash.

If you want to enhance the energizing effect, you can add a cup of white vinegar to the detergent drawer at the same time. Vinegar helps maintain the color of clothes.

Use black pepper to revive the color of your clothes

Black pepper

Black pepper – Source: spm

Another way is to use black pepper which is very effective. Like baking soda, this ingredient has a mild abrasive effect while also being able to remove soap and detergent residue from fabric. These are the same items which may be responsible for discoloration.

To use black pepper for this purpose, simply pour 1 teaspoon of granulated pepper into the drum of your washer and wash it at a temperature below 30 degrees. Your textiles will soon reveal their luster at the end of the washing process. Note, however, that to avoid clogged washer hoses, It is best to refrain from adding peppercorns directly to the detergent compartment.

What is another alternative way to protect the colors of your clothes?

Like black pepper or coarse salt, you’ll find other products that preserve color in your kitchen cupboard, and one of them is a hard-to-miss citrus fruit: lemon. Simply by mixing lemon juice with your favorite detergent, you will bleach white clothes and revive a dull fabric color.

For the best effect, the clever combination of ingredients promises to revive the colors of your clothes. For this, prepare a basin of water in which to soak the clothes and then add them Two tablespoons of coarse salt, one cup of tea and another cup of white vinegar. All you have to do is let the ingredients act for a few moments so the clothes are deeply impregnated before enjoying the new shine. Also, be sure to wash white and colored clothes separately. Also note that white vinegar is an excellent natural softener on its own.

For dark clothes, you can restore their beautiful pigment With coffee or black tea. Infuse one of the two ingredients, pour two cups into the detergent drawer and then run the usual wash cycle. Your very dark and black clothes will delight you with it.

Keep your clothes staining for longer with these daily ingredients.

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