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Did you see this symbol on your door? You could become the next victim of a thief

To protect your home from burglary, vigilance is essential. In addition to equipping yourself with a security system, it is important to know how to decipher the codes that thieves can leave near your home when locating a building.

What do the symbols that thieves leave near the door of the house mean?

Before burglarizing your house, thieves First start exploring the site. During this identification stage, a person may knock on your door, And I ask you a favor, Or simply pretending to be a chimney sweep or roofer. The goal is to manage entry into your home to inspect your home. As he leaves, this scammer leaves behind an encrypted message. These icons They can be marked with chalk, stones or other tools. This mark which generally leaves the person who has taken care of identification, Gives accurate information about the house. Indeed, these symbols are used to denote the presence or absence of a dog or a security system, Let them see if the house It contains valuables If only an elderly person lives in this dwelling, or if it is vacant during the day. This information is intended To guide the thieves who later break into the house. These symbols can be marked on the wall near your house, on the sidewalk, or on your door frame.

House burglary. Source: spm

Thieves can leave letters or geometric shapes. For example, the letter “N” means night, and the letter “D” means “Sunday,” so “DM” stands for Sunday morning. If you find a cross, that means it Your home is in plain sight of thieves. 5 small circles mean that there is money that can be stolen from the house. The triangle indicates that the woman lives in the house while the diamond appears That the house is uninhabited. The circle crossed to the thieves indicates that there is no point in stealing this house. Meander means that there is a dangerous dog protecting the house, while this shows an upside down Y or alpha The house is protected by an alarm system.

After discovering these codes, report them to law enforcement and clear the codes after finding them. Don’t forget to stay vigil, and feel free to check if your home isn’t targeted again.

A thief trying to break into a house. Source: spm

In addition to symbols, also pay attention to the glue point, which is the new technology that allows thieves Whether you are at home or not. In fact, thieves put a dot of glue between the front door and the frame using a glue gun. This is how they make a thin thread of glue, Which can hardly be seen with the naked eye. If this glue point remains intact, the thieves will understand that you are missing. On the other hand, if the thread of glue breaks, they will understand that you are back home.

Home burglary codes – Source: spm

Symbols that you can find near your home are not to be taken lightly. These warning signs indicate that your home is being targeted by thieves. Knowing how to decipher them will avoid unpleasant surprises.

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