A storm of negativity will hit these zodiac signs: Unexpected trouble is coming

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During this October, some signs of the zodiac will have to put themselves on stage and show the world what they are capable of. They must show flexibility to overcome some obstacles.

What are the three zodiac signs that will bring despair and ruin in October 2022?

It’s the first week of October and some of you are already feeling it full of tension I wonder what the rest of the month has in store for them. Unfortunately, if you are a particularly discerning zodiac sign Sensitive to this kind of negative and desperate energyyou will not have There is no choice but to accept it and be patient. Things will calm down a bit The day of meteor showers from Toridbecause this astronomical event is synonymous with emotional release . is allowed Away from intrusive feelings, and provide positive energy.


cancer negative

Cancer. Source: spm

Dear water element aborigines, I thought about that when Mercury retrograde It ends, you can finally take back the reins of your life, but that’s not really what happens. This October, you will have Heart in tides since Mars occultation. You think you have permission to trample around you, but far from it, you only attract negative attention on you. However, you should know where your limits lie, because playing a bad wolf is out of the question so that those around you are afraid of your mood. This will have negative repercussions on your daily life. get back!


empty negative

Virgo Tower. Source: spm

This month you will feel Adrenaline Rush During Full Moon in Aries October 9th and you will have to use all your strength and energy to come out positive. Your cooler pop upAnd since the beginning of the month you have been trying to get over yourself, because your mood is not there. Also, you realize that if it spreads to others, things will only get worse. Of course, the desire to fix everything is far from a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of reticence and is, moreover, one of the traits of your character, the natives of the Earth element. Even if it is difficult for you to suppress some of the most despicable thoughts, go on like this and above all do not lose hope.


Negative Capricorn

Capricorn zodiac sign. Source: spm

If there’s anything that makes you angry this month, it’s the fact that none of your colleagues seem to be doing things right, which means that this The extra workload falls on your shoulders, and imagine what? You can not stand it. You’re sick enough of being a stuffed turkey, and with it Mars obscured by the moonyou feel it They are exploited and manipulated so that you risk getting hit. And since you’re stubborn and impulsive, you won’t feel better until you vent that anger inside of you. Sure, you might spoil the day for some, but does it matter to you? In fact, the answer is that you don’t care the least, and what’s most important to you is always being perfect.

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