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Why is it necessary to close the washing machine door when leaving the house?

If many of you have a washing machine at home, the majority still make some mistakes and don’t always use them wisely. Should the door be left open or closed? This is a question that is asked often. We will enlighten you a little better.

Yes, it is necessary to ventilate the washing machine drum!

Close the washing machine door – Source: spm

After a wash cycle, do you usually remove the laundry and immediately close the washing machine door? It’s a huge mistake! As far as moisture is still present, it is above all the best way to promote the appearance of bad odors and mold. Tell yourself that washing machine is not eternal. If you want it to last over time, you should give it proper care as much as possible. It should be noted that the main causes of common avalanches are due to the formation of limestone and limestone sediments.

However, the condition of the cylinder itself also plays a role. Thus, regular ventilation will prevent unpleasant odors and the formation of mold on the porthole and rubber seals. To prevent these inconveniences, leave the door open for at least 24 hours after each use. This is the time it takes to allow your appliance to dry efficiently and allow the air to escape properly. Ideally, so that this opening does not obstruct the corridor, it would be wise to leave the door open during the night.

Also, at least twice a year, you should consider cleaning your washing machine well. It is necessary to disinfect the device with white vinegar in particular. Periodically, you can also clean all the interior with a dry cloth, paying special attention to the rubber part, including the folds where dirt most often accumulates.

But when should the washing machine door be closed?

Leave the washing machine door open – Source: spm

While it is really necessary to open this door after every wash cycle, there are times when it can be risky to leave it open. Especially if you live with pets. The latter likes to climb into the open washing machine. So you have to be very careful with them so as not to damage the device and injure themselves. As we advised you above, wait for the night until the suit comes out quietly from the air.

but that is not all. It also happens that the door of the idle washer opens and a sudden water leak occurs. Even worse, it is not only on the cylinder, but also on the floor that the water flows. First of all, it would be wise to try to determine the source of this leak.

The reasons are many

There are two main reasons that can lead to water appearing in a closed washer.

Other parameters may also be responsible for this water leak: a punctured cylinder, a less tight seal, a damaged drain pump, etc.

How do you avoid this kind of situation?

In order for your washing machine to serve you longer and not cause many problems, follow the following recommendations.

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