What to check before buying flowers. A telltale sign that it will soon wither

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What should you do before buying your plant from a florist?

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The process of purchasing indoor plants is quick and easy. However, it is recommended to follow a series of recommendations before buying it, especially finding the perfect place in the house to put it. In particular, direct sunlight should be avoided.

When you come to a flower shop, you look at the number of leaves on each flower and miss some aspects that could indicate if the plant is healthy. Although sellers are usually experts in plant care, they should not always be relied upon when shopping.

Pay attention to the condition of the plants yourself. Discover the signs you should never ignore when buying plants. There are some details that will immediately show you that the flowers will not last.

To avoid situations in which the plant quickly withers after purchase, consider the following recommendations. First, always avoid plants that show cobwebs.

If it contains spider tissue, this is an indication that the plant is probably already accustomed to growing in such an environment, which is infested with spiders. It is one of the most difficult plant pests that can be difficult to combat without the help of a very powerful insecticide. If you bought such a plant, other flowers in the garden or home may also be affected.

Avoid buying this type of plant from the florist

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Potted plants – Source: spm

If you notice anything moving in the soil of the plant, avoid buying it. The flower may contain a mite that can affect plants. In addition, mites provide an ideal environment for the growth of fungi, which is not an advantage for potted plants.

Also, if the flowers from the garden center or florist have dark spots on the leaves, be careful. When these spots are especially numerous, this may indicate that the plant is suffering from a fungal infection.

If the flowers show white spots on the leaves, on the surface, it may be a sign that the cotton plant has been infected. In these cases, follow the rule of the plant. If you detect a sulfur smell or stagnant water, it is likely that the plant has entered the stage of rotting.

Don’t rush to get to the first plant as soon as you get to the florist, check it out before!

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