This oven function saves energy. It must be activated before cooking!

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What is this job? Discover it now to take advantage of it, especially if you use your oven to cook your dishes.

What is this oven function that reduces your electricity consumption?

open the oven

Open the oven. Source: spm

You may not know it, but having a fan in the oven allows you to Bread your food while consuming as little energy as possible.

In fact, the most energy efficient electric ovens are fan ovens. An oven equipped with a fan can greatly reduce energy consumption. Therefore, the “fan assisted heating” function obtained by adding a fan at the back of the electric oven, allows the circulation of hot air by distributing heat in an ideal and uniform manner throughout the oven. This way, the furnace will not have to make extra efforts to spread the heat and thus consume more energy.

Cooking in the oven: this trick allows you to save electricity!

The method is simply to do Cook several dishes at the same time in the oven. Modern furnaces are wide enough to perform such an operation. This way you will save electricity. he is It is clearly appropriate to combines dishes require the same heat reduction . This will prevent you from opening the oven door regularly while cooking. In fact, the oven tends to lose a lot of heat when opened. Therefore, you will have to consume more electrical energy to produce it.

Other tips to reduce electricity consumption when using the oven

Oven temperature setting

Adjust oven temperature. Source: spm

Here others Tips to let you use your franc without breaking the bankalthoug.

  • Remember to turn off the oven 5 minutes before the end of cooking. The residual heat inside the oven will finish cooking your dishes.
  • Cut food into small pieces. This way they will cook faster.
  • Thaw food before cooking it. In this way, you will reduce the cooking time and thus save energy.
  • Choose ceramic dishes to cook your food in the oven. These materials tend to reach the ideal temperature more quickly and thus reduce cooking time.
  • Choose a furnace whose energy ranges between A and B. These latter categories identify the most energy-efficient appliances. The A+++ scale (in dark green) represents the devices that consume the least amount of energywhile the D scale (in red) generally denotes an energy-intensive, although “cheap” device.
  • Do not put the oven near the refrigerator! This closeness can affect its performance. High heat production near the refrigerator increases its energy consumption. If you have no other choice, it is recommended to install an insulating plate between the two devices.
  • To avoid wasting heat, use the top of the oven when cooking a quick dish or gratin. The lower part is ideal for cooking grilled meat, while the central part is ideal for cooking fish.

So, in order to reduce your energy consumption, all you have to do is put these tips and advice into practice!

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