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This 2 Euro coin equals 2000 Euros. It’s time to check if you have

You should pay more attention to the 2 euro coins in your wallet. In fact, some of them will have an above average value. They can save a large amount of money.

What are these 2 euro coins that are worth more than average?

2 euro coins. Source: spm

If you own one of these coins, you are very lucky to have a real treasure in your hands. In addition, being extremely rare, 2 Euro coins can bring you a significant amount of money. Here is a list of 2 euro coins that can be worth a lot of money.

German 2 euro coin. Source: spm

One of the most sought after 2 euro coins by collectors is of German origin. hit in 2008, This model was printed in 30,000 copies. In fact, They were edited with an error: The borders between the different EU countries are not demarcated. One of these thirty thousand copies may be in your pocket.

€2 from Monaco with Grace Kelly. Source: spm

These Monegasque 2 Euro coins can be worth a few hundred Euro. 20,000 copies were made to celebrate 25The tenth Anniversary of the death of Grace Kelly. You can see on this cut, the profile of this actress She became Princess of Monaco in 1956 after marrying Prince Rainier III. Its value can range from 1500 to 2000 euros.


2 euros in Finland. Source: spm

The Euro 2 from Finland dates back to 2004 and is very popular among coin collectors. It was printed in 1 million copies to celebrate the entry of 10 new member states into the European Union. Its value is not very important but you can get about 60 euros.

Vatican 2 euros. Source: spm

These 2 Euro coins are very popular because they were created in 2004 to mark the 75th anniversary of the creation of the Vatican City State. It is said that 85,000 copies of this coin are in circulation. Its value varies depending on its condition but can fetch around €100.

2 Spanish euros. Source: spm

This 2 euro Spanish coin was produced in 2012, commemorating the 10 year anniversary of the euro. Of the 8 million copies printed, between 70,000 and 100,000 copies contain an error in the size of the stars on the edge of the coin. The fact that it is slightly larger than usual only increased its value.

2 euros for San Marino. Source: spm

This 2 euro coin was created to honor Bartolomeo Borghese and this is what makes it so popular. Minted in 2004, these coins represent the portrait of the Italian writer and writer where his name also appears. This piece can be worth up to 300 euros.

These 2 Euro coins are rarely worth much more than their face value. One thing is for sure, you will never look at 2 Euro coins the same way again!

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