Sprinkling salt on window sills: the genius solution to a problem we all have

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Many people don’t realize it, but salt can be used for purposes other than cooking. We explain everything to you below.

Why do so many people sprinkle coarse salt on window sills?

If only you had salt Seasonal dishes and recipesOthers use it in completely different ways: they use it as A purifier to expel negative waves or something like that Natural insect repellent.

Use of salt in cooking

Use of salt in cooking. Source: spm

Salt against ants

We’ve all been through this situation: when spring comes, Insect spread It becomes one of the most annoying problems And the most boring in management. In particular, ants, as we already know, turn into real armies by rushing inside our homes in search of food.

When they act individually, they are definitely harmless, but when they start to build up, they can Destroy entire cropsAnd the to eat fruit And the Destroy thousands of plants and flowers. Moreover, they can carry bacteriaAnd the aphids And the Parasites Who wouldn’t hesitate to scatter all over your house! How do you get rid of them completely?

ant invasion

Ant infestation. Source: spm

To combat this, sprinkle coarse salt on the edges of the windows. This will allow Prevent the spread of ants and at the same time reduce the level of humidity from your home. You can also put some in your closets, under your bed, in front of doors, or anywhere else you notice ants strongly. Salt can permanently repel these tiny insects.

salt in judgments

in order to prevent Food mites and mites to invade your pantry, pour fine salt into them; Whether on lentils, pasta, beans or even rice… then it is enough to rinse them quickly before cooking them.

spoon of coarse salt

spoon of coarse salt. Source: spm.

Other ingenious uses for salt around the house

Many other people do not hesitate to contact salt power in many other ways.

  • Get rid of negative feelings and bad luck

If you feel there Bad vibes in your homeThe solution is very simple: drop the molds half filled with coarse salt and place them in the four corners of the room in question. Then pour water into it up to a centimeter from the edge. Then it is enough to change the water every week and salt once a month.

  • Disinfecting pipes and neutralizing unpleasant sewer odors

Whether it’s in the bathroom, bathtub, sink or sink, a disgusting smell can emit. To get rid of it, pour a mixture of salt, baking soda, and vinegar into it (watch out for stains when preparing the mixture). Then rinse it with 1 liter of boiling water. By dissolving, the salt disinfects the pipes and also allows unpleasant odors to be expelled.

Salt remains a natural and ecological way to overcome some of the inconveniences you face on a daily basis. So, feel free to use it whenever you can.

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