Put clothespins in the heating system: the completely unknown trick to perfume the car

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Nothing better than a soft and light fragrance to make your daily car journey enjoyable. Say goodbye to chemical air fresheners and make way for the natural to counter the nausea-inducing odors.

The car smells bad

The car smells bad. Source: spm

What is the trick to perfume your car naturally and at a lower cost?

The smell of tobacco, food, even pets… The interior of your car can emit odors that are not pleasant at all. Here is a trick that can perfume your car for a long time.

  • Trick clothespins to perfume your car

Usually during the fall and winter seasons Close the windows and turn on the heating To be able to withstand the low temperatures that seep into the car interior. However, by solving the cold problem, we expose ourselves to an intolerable problem: Unpleasant odors.

In fact, there are many reasons why your car smells bad. And if this is your case, you probably tried everything to hide it, but the stench seems to be getting worse.

washing party

Tip of clothespins. Source: spm

Fortunately, there is a basic, simple and above all inexpensive trick that will prevent you from holding your nose every time you get into your car.

All you need isOne or two wooden clothespins and Bottle of essential oil of your choice. It is preferable to choose strong and comfortable scents alike Cinnamon and citrus or lavender. But you can still use any other essential oil, just make sure you pick a scent you like (your favorite scent will also do the trick if you don’t have an essential oil).

Pour a few drops of essential oil on wooden clothespins or spray them with your favorite perfume, then screw them tightly into your car’s air vents. By turning on the heating, the ventilation system is responsible for It distributes heat, spreading a pleasant aroma in the interior of the car thanks to the clothespin.

Essential oil clothes hanger

Tip of clothespins. Source: spm

Another DIY trick to freshen up your car’s interior

Like the trick of using clothespins, there are also several ways to deodorize and freshen your car’s interior. Here is one:

  • Woolen car air freshener

what do you need:

  • Felt a piece of wool
  • Thread or embroidery thread
  • 5 drops of rose essential oil
  • 5 drops of lavender essential oil
  • scissors
  • awl or punch

Cut a small piece of wool into any shape you like. Then use the awl or hole punch to make a small hole in the top. Pour in the essential oil drops and wait a few minutes for the felt to absorb them completely. Then pass a piece of string through the hole and hang it from your car’s rearview mirror. Replenish essential oils if necessary.

DIY car perfume tip

DIY trick for car perfume. Source: spm

These are really worth trying tips to freshen up your car’s interior at a lower cost. You will be really happy!

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