Not everyone knows it, but hydrogen peroxide is enough to take a shower like new

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It’s no secret that the bathroom is one of the favorite places for bacteria and mold in the home. In fact, the humidity and heat that affect the shower cabin are fertile ground for the growth of these microorganisms. Therefore, special attention should be paid to its various components, which can get dirty and deteriorate over time.

What ingredient should be used to clean the shower cabin well?

Very few people know this, but the natural component with disinfecting and antiseptic properties is ideal for performing certain household tasks. It can perform many functions when used as a bathroom cleaner.

  • Hydrogen peroxide, a real shower cleaning agent

hydrogen peroxide

hydrogen peroxide. Source: spm

Oxygenated water, also known as hydrogen peroxide, is known for its disinfectant and bleaching properties. This natural product can treat wounds but also surfaces at home. While cleaning your shower cubicle, this solution helps to effectively kill bacteria, as well as remove traces of limescale covering shower walls and fixtures.. However, hydrogen peroxide should be used in moderation. It can be diluted according to the extent of the dirt but also according to the materials of your bathroom. It is then advised to wear gloves before any use and to avoid attaching them to certain products such as white vinegar.

How do you use hydrogen peroxide for shower cabin maintenance?

Hydrogen peroxide can be used in different ways in the bathroom. It can be especially useful for cleaning your shower cabin to remove traces of mold and bacteria on various surfaces.

  • Clean tiles and shower walls with hydrogen peroxide

shower tiles

Shower tiles. Source: spm

Moisture and limestone often leave unsightly marks on tiles. To overcome them, it is possible to use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and flour. After you get a homogeneous paste, spread it on the colored tiles and joints and let it act overnight. The next day, scrub the tiles with a sponge and rinse with clear water. It is possible to remove unsightly marks on tiles, walls, and windows in the bathroom using hydrogen peroxide alone. To do this, fill a spray bottle with a good amount of hydrogen peroxide and then spray it!

  • Use hydrogen peroxide to clean tile joints in the bathroom

Just like shower walls, tile joints can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide alone. After spraying the solution, let it sit for a few minutes and then scrub it well with a sponge. For a flawless result, apply anti-tartar toothpaste to a toothbrush previously moistened with hydrogen peroxide. Scrub the tampons well, then rinse with clear water. In just a few gestures, the joints regain their former whiteness. This trick can also be used to remove traces of mold and clean the bathtub and drain.

  • Descale the shower head with hydrogen peroxide

shower head

shower head. Source: spm

Hydrogen peroxide is also great for cleaning and descaling your shower head. In fact, white traces often distort this essential component of the cabin. Similarly, limestone in water droplets can turn into lime and clog small holes in the handle. To avoid such inconvenience, pass a cloth moistened with hydrogen peroxide over all surfaces of the handle. Complete the process by rubbing with a small brush, then rinsing.

As you understand, hydrogen peroxide is one of the essential products for cleaning shower cubicles. The same is true for a bathtub or any other bathroom fixture.

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