3 Houseplants that remove dust and help keep your home clean

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Indoor plants never cease to amaze us. In fact, some houseplants are not only useful for home decoration. They have other virtues. They can also purify the surrounding indoor air. Some green plants are useful in reducing house dust. You should also know that if dust settles on certain plants, it is because they increase the level of moisture in the environment. Thus dust was found stuck to the surface of its leaves.

What are 3 indoor plants that can remove dust from the house?

These three houseplants are well known for their dust removal action, thanks to the peculiarity of their leaves.

  1. Rubber ficus to keep house dust

rubber ficus

Ficus Rubber Source: spm

Rubber or Ficus elastica is a perennial green plant, with decorative foliage. This plant has the peculiarity of increasing room humidity thanks to its foliage. In fact, It releases water that it absorbs through its roots As moisture, through the pores on the underside of the leaves. Its leaves are large, leathery, shiny be So very Influential To attract and trap dust. In fact, they have privacy traps dust particles which remain suspended in the air, thanks to the waxy appearance of their leaves. For greater efficiency, it is recommended to regularly clean the foliage with a slightly dampened microfiber cloth.

In addition to its action in removing dust, the rubbery ficus It also has decontaminating properties. It is effective in clearing indoor air of formaldehyde, a toxic substance released from glue, varnish, or insulation.

  1. Ficus benjamina to remove dust

ficus benjamena

Ficus Benjamina. Source: spm

Native to Asia and Oceania, the ficus benjamena, also known as the weeping fig tree, is an easy-to-care-for ornamental shrub. It has a privacy to adapt to any environment, The confined environment of homes or apartments is well supported. This is what makes the ficus benjamena such a strong and powerful houseplant. Grown indoors, let the weeping fig tree to keep the air clean, It boosts moisture thanks to its leaves. This is how it attracts dust. It is better to choose a ficus that has a dense top and a large trunk. Your factory will be able to Improve the humidity level in the room. Be sure to spray the foliage often with non-calcareous water, such as rainwater, especially if your ficus is near a heat source.

  1. Pothos to get rid of dust


pothos. Source: spm

Pothos is a plant that turns into a lot. This evaporation of water allows Increased humidity in the room. This is it Perennial ornamental plant, which can attract dust thanks to its evergreen foliage. This tropical plant is a vine that can have a drooping or climbing appearance. Its dense leaves are distinguished by its peculiarity Dust particles are trapped. And that’s not all. Also, potho has the power To absorb toxins from the surrounding air, Such as carbon monoxide, xylene, toluene, benzene and formaldehyde. This indoor green plant is easy to grow. Being unpredictable, it is suitable for beginners And people who don’t have a green thumb.

However, thanks to the foliage of these indoor green plants, you will be able to get rid of the dust hanging in your home, but also purify the surrounding air of toxins.

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