Why is it smart to put a tennis ball before washing?

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Certainly, in absolute terms, doing laundry is not a complicated activity. However, it happens that we make some mistakes when washing bath towels: an excess of detergent risks their long-term hardening, high temperature can easily erode them, and fabric softener can prevent good water absorption, making the towels wet for a very long time. It leads to unpleasant odors… So, to keep them soft and comfortable for longer, there’s a little trick that can make a big difference. Have you ever thought about using tennis balls in the washing machine? The idea may seem strange, even whimsical, but it does wonders for cleaning bathroom towels, bedding, and even curtains around the house.

How do you keep the towels soft and fluffy?

Towel in the washing machine

Towel in the washing machine – Source: spm

The first mistake you don’t make: You should no longer wash your towels with regular detergent, but rather bet on a gentle detergent like the one you use for your fragile clothes. Also, pay attention to insufficient rinsing of the detergent in the wash programmes. To avoid spoilage from too much washing, it is recommended to add white vinegar to supplement the detergent: it prevents discoloration and keeps the towels soft.

In terms of temperature, if it’s synthetic or linen towels, don’t exceed 30°C or else it will deteriorate quickly. In general, for cotton towels, use a hot water cycle with a temperature between 40 and 60 degrees Celsius.

But how can tennis balls help you? All the most experienced people in the field, who are very fond of cleaning tips, have tried this original method and are very satisfied with the result. Simply toss two in the drum while washing towels or blankets. You will be amazed at the many benefits of this unexpected method!

The trick of tennis balls in the washing machine

Like laundry balls, tennis balls are known to reduce washing time, providing significant energy savings. Even better, since we often tend to use a lot of laundry products (powder, liquid, fabric softener), these balls reduce the dose of this detergent in the washer drum by at least 20%. Thanks to the kneading, the cleaning agents adhere more easily to the fibers and remove stains more quickly, reducing the amount of water used during rinsing. Finally, the softening effect is also noticeable: the towels come out very soft. You can use this method to wash heavy bedding or winter jackets.

be careful : However, we strongly advise you not to apply this trick to the thinnest of fabrics. Prefer particularly heavy and thick materials.

Do you know ? When you find it difficult to open an unconventional small jar, just place half a tennis ball on the lid: thanks to the very strong grip, you can guarantee a very fast opening.

Besides, these yellow balls can also act as a sponge and remove black spots on the floor.

Do not overuse detergents

soft towels

Soft Towels – Source: spm

If you do not want the towels to become rough and rough from washing, then you should change certain habits: tell yourself that excess detergent is directly responsible for these inconveniences. Thus, many specialists recommend using half the dose that is usually poured into the washing machine instead. To save time and specifically reduce washing, it is important that you pre-wash to remove tough stains before washing them in the washing machine. The method is simple: you can soak the towels in a basin of cold water in which you will pour a little white vinegar and lemon juice. Both will help remove stains and deodorize towels. Then you can proceed to the usual washing.

NB : Did you just buy new bath towels? You realize they are weak and can easily crumble and fluff all over. Take all necessary precautions by reading the instructions on the label and be sure to wash it separately in the washing machine.

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