Why does your phone have a small hole on the edge? Her job makes life easier

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Many Android users have noticed a hole, or even several, on the bottom of their smartphone. The main hole function is simple: it’s the microphone. We will provide you with more details about this important element of your mobile phone. How do you clean it properly? Why do some devices not have a device or, on the contrary, have several? You will know all about it. We even take this opportunity to tell you more about the Android operating system.

Android phone

Android mobile phone – Source: spm

What is the function of this slot on the bottom of the smartphone?

This small hole, which most Android cell phones are in, is located right next to the charging port. It represents the device’s microphone. Therefore, it has a specific function, because thanks to it we can exchange telephone conversations.

However, there are some cell phones that do not have it. Simply because the microphone unit is aesthetically attached to the speaker unit. We especially notice this on the iPhone, where at the bottom you can see the presence of several speakers and microphones with several holes. It all depends on the choice of each manufacturer.

Note, however, that only one microphone is always used for calls, the lower microphone has a hole or some type of network. Other microphones are mainly used to pick up sounds better when recording a video, for example.

This small aperture is obviously fragile and delicate. Cleaning should be done with certain precautions. What is the recommended method? Use some type of adhesive. This product does not leave any residue, but you have to use it with great skill. The idea is to take a few pieces of putty and stick them into the small holes. Warning: Do not apply too much pressure on the putty, as it is especially important to prevent it from staying inside. Swiping it gently and lightly will be enough to absorb the dirt.

NB : If the microphone is protected by a net, it is best to use a very soft brush. Make sure not to force it so as not to damage the hair of the speakers.

Clean cell phone

Clean mobile phone – Source: spm

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system designed for touch screen devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other connected objects. It is a system developed by Google, based on Linux kernel and other open source software that aims to facilitate and simplify the use of a large number of messaging applications such as Facebook or Instagram.

As a reminder, it was initially developed by Android Inc, which was later acquired by Google in 2005. Two years later, it was introduced in mobile devices. Its main source code is usually referred to as the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) and stands out as the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

Each layer of the operating system has its own function and distinct operation. The functioning of the operating system (OS or operating system in English) depends on the activity of each of these parts. He will therefore be responsible for managing all the resources of the mobile phone, prioritizing different memories and different programs.

So when the user taps on the screen to open any application, the operating system makes sure that it is running in the foreground on the screen. They can thus be absorbed into a kind of “traffic police” whose function is to redirect the flow of information and to identify those who have the advantage.

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