This couple says they haven’t eaten anything since 2008 “We only eat air and boiled vegetables”

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What is the lifestyle of the American couple?

Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo

Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo. Source: spm

Two young Americans, Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo, decided to radically change their lifestyle. In June 2017, the couple said that they only feed on air. This statement, to say the least, which defies all scientific reasoning regarding their diet, has caused uproar and the rounds of social media networks. Indeed, they will be able to survive thanks to the energy of light and fasting. Except for vegetable and fruit broth, consume three times a week. Camila Castillo and Akahi Ricardo are known as “Britarians”. Those in their 30s follow this method, also known as “inedia” or “pranism”. A diet based on the fact that it is possible to live without food or drink for a long time. This way of life has religious and mystical origins and more and more people are interested in this practice.

How does the spouses live through this way of life?

motion illustration

Illustration of the “breathing” movement. Source: spm

Together since 2005, Camila Castillo and Acahi Ricardo have settled between Ecuador and California. The couple followed different diets before indulging in “breathing”. They were initially vegetarians and then vegans and have become “influential” since 2008. To encourage people to follow this strict diet, They advocate a “life without food” or “a life without food”. When asked about their appetite, they say they don’t know the feeling of hunger. They say they don’t feel the gut gurgling or other reactions that a body in need of food can express. The couple told The Independent they follow a “cosmic diet” and live off “the energy that is in the universe and within themselves”. Young Americans claim that they ate nothing for three years before resuming a minimum diet, three times a week.

Breathing, a dangerous way of life

Although fasting can have certain health benefits, it should nevertheless be supervised so as not to go to extremes. It is this condition of “breathing” that has caused the death of many people. This way of life is often distinguished because of the risks involved. In France, the ministerial mission monitors vigilance and the fight against sectarian deviations Close up of this ’90s movement. Since 2011, she has been working to raise awareness about this practice associated with sectarian quackery. Miviludes president, George Fenech, who fights sectarian perversions, encourages us not to underestimate or promote this movement. He recalls that this extreme way of life, which consists in feeding exclusively on air and light, has adverse effects on people’s health. The NHS also denounced the practice, with 6.4% of Britons declaring they had an eating disorder after adopting the extreme diet. Camila and Akahi say they don’t have any health issues, and even Camila gave birth by following this diet. For his part, Akahi says he has never been healthier than he has been since he followed this lifestyle.

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