How to wear a stylish scarf and combine it with your clothes?

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If you’re lost and looking for a scarf model to invest in this year, you’ll be able to find the one that best suits your look.

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This season’s scarves are original and captivating. They often add An elegant touch to your clothes. Tied around your neck or wrapped over your shoulders Wearing a skinny coat and classic jeans, a scarf is the must-have accessory Comfortable look Besides heating you up.

Whether it’s printed or plaid, this trendy winter scarf comes in many models and styles.We have something for all tastes and desires as quoted by our colleagues from the magazine current wife. Long, bulky or knitted, this winter scarves go perfectly with elegant coats and give a refined elegance; Nice combination to wear in winter. With the trench coat, these scarves also give a trendy look which is found in different types of fabrics; You will be puzzled by your choice. It all depends on how to wear the scarf for a stylish look. Necktie knot, turtleneck knot, double knot… There are many ways to tie a scarf to get elegance.


scarf. Source: spm

Tips on how to wear a scarf

Black, beige, gray, white and brown colors have a lot of class. The good thing is that you can’t go wrong with these colors. Wearing a scarf in one of these colors goes perfectly with any look and will always give an elegant touch to your look. However, dare you choose bright colors, they will light up your face during the graying of winter. Here are some rules to follow to choose the right color:

  • The color of the scarf should be different from the color of your coat, and avoid matching with the old color altogether.
  • Choose neutral colored scarves if your coat is a colored one.
  • If your coat is neutral in color, you are free to choose the colors of your scarf that you like.
  • Above all, avoid wearing more than three different colors at the same time.
wear a scarf

Wear a scarf. Source: spm

As you can see, there are many ways to wear your favorite scarf, just choose the right outfit and combine the colors to make a harmonious combination.

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