3 free ways to heat the house and save electricity: it will save you unnecessary expenses!

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How do you save energy while heating your home? Here are our recommendations.

Here are three ways to heat your home while saving energy!

This is undoubtedly one of your priorities as winter approaches: heat your home while saving money to reduce the cost of your first heating bills. In fact, Snuggling under the covers is not enough against the freezing temperatures. Therefore, it is legitimate to wonder if there are certain practices that will improve the temperature of your home while achieving certain energy savings. At the risk of surprising you, it’s totally possible!

In fact, you will be able to maintain the perfect heat inside your home without having to install radiators in every room of your house. In any way ? Once you follow these three recommendations.

Feeling cold at home

Feeling cold at home. Source: spm

1. Choose thermal curtains to heat your rooms

Windows that are poorly insulated or poorly clogged are, in most cases, responsible for the cold feeling you may feel when you are at home. To remedy this, without having to raise the temperature of the coolant, you can consider installing thermal curtains. As its name suggests, it reduces heat loss, without obstructing windows. In fact, their polyester lining Protects you from temperature changes, especially if you only have one glass.

In addition, by acting as a true weather abstraction, the curtain will prevent the passage of air currents into the room while ensuring that heat loss is reduced.

Finally, the thermal curtain is installed in the same way as a conventional curtain and can be placed in front of a window, French window or bay window.

2. Put the aluminum behind the radiator to better heat your house

If there is one method that can increase the efficiency of your cooler, while allowing you to achieve massive energy savings, this is it. Simply put aluminum foil behind the cooler. This way, the heat will avoid heating the wall unnecessarily. In fact, the latter will be pushed back towards the center of the room and will be able to spread there in a uniform way.

To do this, get a cardboard box the size of a cooler that you will later cover with aluminum foil. Until they are well maintained, feel free to staple them to every corner of the cardboard. to end, You will just have to put the aluminum-covered cardboard behind the cooler. Also, remember to keep a few centimeters of space between the cardboard and the radiator.

3. Clean the radiators to heat the room faster

To ensure that radiators distribute heat in your home as much as possible, avoid jamming them at all costs. Indeed, the various pieces of furniture or furnishings nearby either Sofas or cupboards, feel free to absorb the heat generated by these While at the same time it impedes air circulation inside the room. Also, avoid drying your clothes or laundry on the radiator.

Finally, know that a lot of dust can reduce the heat from the radiators. So be sure to flick them regularly. By passing a feather duster between the radiator gaps or using a vacuum cleaner.

Clean the radiator with a feather duster

Clean the radiator with a feather duster. Source: spm

By following these recommendations, you can heat your home while saving money on electric and energy bills.

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