WhatsApp: Here’s how to open this new font for writing in conversations

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Every day we send countless messages to our relatives and friends via WhatsApp. On a daily basis, you use the standard font provided by the social network. Many users already know that there are three interesting alternatives: italic, strikethrough and bold. But we’ve discovered a secret streak that will likely tempt many of you. This typewriter font is very similar to the “Courier” font in Microsoft Word. Discover it!

How to use typewriter font on WhatsApp?

Open WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp – Source: spm

As a reminder, this messaging app is very popular, draining more than 2 billion users. It is very useful for instant chatting, sending photos or videos to those around you. As you know, WhatsApp features change with each update. The platform strives to retain its users through continuous innovation, offering more attractive, surprising and better options. Did you know, in particular, that you can write your letters differently? In fact, you have the possibility to use a different and more subtle technique. With a modern retro look, this typewriter font looks like it was typed. This is a real eye-catcher for all your WhatsApp contacts!
How do you use it to add a more elegant and aesthetic touch to your messages? To change the standard font, just type your message using your mobile keyboard and enter 3 serious accents on both sides of the typed text (at the beginning and end). Once the message is sent, the text will appear immediately in retrograde letters.

How do you find a serious accent key?

Write a message on WhatsApp

Write a message on WhatsApp – Source: spm

The only drawback: the serious dialect is well hidden on our mobile phones, and therefore it is not easy to find it. By the way, be careful not to confuse it with the apostrophe.

  • iOS users have to select the second level in WhatsApp in typing mode with the “123” key. Go to the apostrophe and tap on it. On the far left is the grave accent. Tip: To make the character string easier to use, it’s best to save it in your keyboard settings under Text Replacement. As an abbreviation, simply select an unusual string like “ooo” to show three serious accents.
  • For users of Android devices, the font works differently. Characters for the key “123” must also be opened: the accent is on the second page.

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