Too high bills? This device is destroying you, it is always wrong to leave it

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Save your money without having to do without your electrical appliances. I said impossible? However, there is a power-dense device, which is considered particularly energy-dense and can be very voracious in electricity.

This water heater is a device that blasts your energy bills

If there is one appliance that consumes a lot of energy, it is the water heater. In fact, it held up well, with the latter consuming an average of 800 kWh of electricity per year, according to ENGIE.

In order to reduce the consumption of this device and achieve some savings, you can program its use in non-peak hours, which differ in different municipalities. In addition, for the sake of saving, feel free to prefer express showers over baths.

Measures to be taken to prevent electricity bills from rising

The electricity bills sent to you on a monthly basis show you the evolution of your consumption over the months. However, after reading the latter, you still do not know which electrical or household appliances consume the most energy inside your home. This situation that leaves you confused, because you really want to save money and reduce this consumption that keeps going up, month after month. and lo The energy efficiency of various household appliances is constantly improvingThe electricity consumption it generates continues to increase. It’s quite a paradox when you know that the current trend is to make more savings.

However, as consumers, we can mitigate the effects of these increases by adopting some measures that may seem useless but are ultimately beneficial in order to avoid any excessive consumption of electricity and prevent this from eventually reflecting on your energy bills.

Too high electric bill

Very high electricity bill. Source: spm

  • Unplug unused household appliances

To do this, feel free to unplug the devices that you are not using. It may seem unlikely to you, but these Consistently consumes power, even when in standby mode. Of course, it’s not about unplugging your freezer, washing machine, or dishwasher, but thinking about it for appliances you use stealthily, like a coffee maker, hair dryer, electric shaver, electric toothbrush or even a wand vacuum cleaner. In addition, you can optionally switch to power clamps with switches. This way, your devices will be switched off at once.

  • Don’t forget to maintain your devices

Maintaining your devices not only extends their lifespan, but also saves some energy. You may not know it, but A clogged, calcified or dilapidated appliance leads to over-consumption. So feel free to refer to various user manuals for ways to maintain your devices. In such a situation, maintenance of the refrigerator will be necessary. So remember to defrost from time to time so you don’t consume more than you should. Not to mention that it also helps rid it of various bacteria. Don’t neglect other devices though. Feel free to regularly descale your kettle, coffee machine, and even your washing machine.

  • Use and choose your home appliances in the best possible way

Simple everyday gestures can avoid wasting energy. To do this, remember to use your devices in the best way. To this end, be sure to fill your washer or dishwasher to its full capacity before starting the wash cycle. As far as the oven is concerned, choose refractory models that allow you to cook different dishes simultaneously. In addition, when you want to heat water in a kettle to prepare your morning coffee, avoid heating it in large quantities, as this involves an unnecessary consumption of electricity. Finally, limit as much as possible how often and for how long the refrigerator and freezer doors are open. This will cause them to produce more energy and thus increase electricity consumption.

Refrigerator doors open

Refrigerator doors open. Source: spm

By adopting these reactions and gestures on a daily basis, you will be able to reduce energy waste and thus save on your energy bills.

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