There are 3 zodiac signs that are in danger of breaking up before the end of the week: Their heart might break

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The full moon in Aries will cause the signs of the zodiac to focus on their needs. This full moon can help finish some projects and leave any negative goals hindering the appearance of signs.

What zodiac signs are at risk of breaking down at the weekend?

Constellations disintegration

Zodiac signs. Source: spm

The full moon is the time for the signs of the zodiac to release everything that no longer serves them. With the full moon in Aries, representatives of these signs can want to go ahead And the To try new experiences. With the season of Libra, they will also want to find a new balance in their lives. This full moon in the impulsive Aries will lead them To focus more on themselves rather than helping others. This new cycle will invite zodiac signs to pay attention to their dreams, needs, visions, and career paths. they will own Difficulty maintaining their relationship You can finish it at the end of the week.



Aries. Source: spm

This full moon in Aries will be unfavorable for representatives of these signs. Aries will no longer want to let go of him and will want to move forward in their relationship. This weekend will be very difficult for them as they may face the breakup with their partner. Pregnancy will struggle to make decisions Rational and will often be impulsive instead of thinking. They will ask a lot of questions about their future with their partners. They will not be able to express how they feel in their relationship and would prefer to end it to avoid conflicts.


Cancer sign

Cancer sign. Source: spm

The full moon in Aries will be very complicated for a Cancer. Representatives of this water sign will find it difficult to express their feelings and emotions to their partner. This behavior may lead them to break up because they will feel overwhelmed and They will not be able to express how they feel. In this new cycle, cancer patients will think about themselves and their personal projects first. A situation that could be upsetting For their partner who will not feel understood. Big communication problems can occur.


leo sign

Leo sign. Source: spm

black gold Going through a hard time The end of the week with the full moon in Aries on October 9. Representatives of this Fire sign will find it difficult to manage their relationship with their partner and they will not want to deal with him anymore. The lion will want to regain his freedom so that he does not feel oppressed by some order. This period will prompt them to question themselves and a new path for their future. They will be afraid to take on new responsibilities, and therefore prefer to take some time for themselves.

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