The lives of these three zodiac signs will radically change this week: they will have to make choices

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The beginning of October will be especially lenient with some zodiac signs. Planets in retrograde, including Jupiter, paved the way for positive change in several areas. Some Indigenous people will have the opportunity to take a step back to assess their situation and make the best decisions for their future.

What are the signs of the zodiac that will change their lives during the week of October 3?

From October 3 to 9, three zodiac signs in particular will have the opportunity to change their lives for the better. By focusing on their personal growth, they will be able to bring out the best version of themselves very quickly.


The changing life of a lion

Lion. Source: spm

The lion is one of the main lucky signs for this week. All pending actions will finally be implemented over the next seven days. The Venus-Mars duo brings together the know-how and creativity to implement joint projects. With the constant support of someone in their professional circle, this fire sign will quickly foster an activity close to their heart. Whether in business or in love, diplomacy, constructive relations and exchanges will be preferred more than ever. He will be able to skillfully negotiate new contracts and conclude successful transactions. From the heart side, he will not hesitate to involve his partner in his career while being attentive to his needs.


Sagittarius changes life

Sagittarius. Source: spm

Sagittarius will have an equally successful week. With the support of the stars, the fire sign will have this opportunity to correct certain mistakes from the past in order to revive their activities. The Venus-Jupiter duo reinforces his optimism and gives him the strength to believe in a better future. Then he took many thoughtful initiatives to improve his professional situation. As such, the stars offer him golden opportunities to get the facilities and financial means to raise the level. In terms of the heart, Sagittarius will finally be able to heal the wounds of the past and open up more to others. Meetings can mark the birth of a special friendship. This can quickly turn into a lasting relationship that makes his heart tremble with joy and pleasure.


Life Changing Aquarius

Aquarius. Source: spm

For the sign of Aquarius, the week of October 3-9 will be synonymous with novelties. Now that there are all conditions to improve his life, this air sign will not hesitate to test new heights. The alliance of Venus and Jupiter works in his favor and allows him to focus more on his personal development. From October 3, he will be able to make the decision to pursue a new course, accept a new job, or study abroad. If Aquarius is already in position, he will see his responsibilities increase with the financial benefits of the key. Thus he will be able to give more meaning to his actions and act as a true leader within the company. In love, this period will be favorable for sensuality and joint pleasure; Moments of true happiness that take the couple to the next level.

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