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Secret glove box feature everyone should know

Nobody ever thinks about it, and we’re almost 100% sure that most of you think you know your car like the back of your hand. Having said that, think again, because what you are about to discover will surprise you!

The glove box secret feature

In the past few days, Motorists wear gloves to warm their hands When cold while driving, it is then stored in the glove compartment when not needed, hence its name.

Today, if you are sitting in any car and you Open the glove boxYou will surely find Documents and papers for the car or other little things like Bills and cosmetics, etc. In fact, there is a trick whose usefulness is very practical and indispensable to anyone who knows it. You’ll need to use it, especially during the warmer months of the year, especially during a long car trip.

glove box; Source: spm

Not everyone knows it yet, but this part of the car isn’t just designed to put all kinds of things we want to keep close, but its other usefulness is more important than you think. thought!

In fact, you have the possibility Turn your glove box into a refrigerator. Yes, it may seem a little strange to you at first! But thanks to the little gadget inside this compartment, you can totally do it Store water and drinks to keep them cold. You will definitely need it when you are Traveling by car.

The glove box turns into a refrigerator. Source: spm

You should first check if this option is available in your car, because it is not found in all models, especially older ones. To see if you can Use your glove box as a refrigeratorjust see if there is some kind ofSwitch in push-latch or rotary control appearance (depending on car model)because through this switch Cool air from the air conditioner circulates through the duct and reaches the glove box. If so, you can get an air conditioned glove box.

To activate this function, here are the steps to follow:

You can put your favorite drink in it and wait a few minutes for it to cool before drinking it. You can also transport perishable or heat-resistant products to your destination without any problem.

Refrigerator glove box head – Source: spm

You’ll never see your glove box again as a simple storage drawer or a small basic cupboard and thanks to this trick, you’ll no longer have to stop at rest areas to buy water or cold drinks. You and your family will enjoy it throughout the trip.

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