Put a few drops of this in the washing machine and the towels will be completely soft

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We all like to enjoy soft and fragrant towels. With time and poor washing habits, they can lose their warm look too Absorption capacity. We suggest that you replace your chemicals with a simple and safe treatment in order to keep your towels soft while still giving them a great smell.

Soft Towels

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How do you keep the towels soft and fluffy?

If your towels don’t always look the way you want them to with detergent and fabric softener, here’s what you can do to get them back. Clean and pleasant to the touch:

Deodorize towels with eucalyptus essential oil

Pour about ten drops of eucalyptus essential oil into the fabric softener compartment of your washer. This component is capable ofIt effectively sterilizes towels While giving them a particularly pleasant smell. With its softening and cleansing properties, it brings out smooth, streak-free elements.

eucalyptus oil

Camphor oil – Source: spm

We also know that white vinegar is another product that works very well as a natural fabric softener and is therefore a very good alternative to chemical fabric softener. It also works great when combined with the softening properties of eucalyptus oil and this is the case if your towels smell bad in the bathroom.

To use this tandem shock and deodorize towels while they soften, Add 1 cup each of white vinegar and eucalyptus oil to the softener compartment. The skillful combination will make your towels flawlessly soft for touch and senses.

Other Techniques to Keep Towels Soft Without Fabric Softener

Using vinegar or eucalyptus essential oil drops, there are other ways to make your towels flawlessly soft:

Soften the towels by setting the towels temperature to 30°C

Putting towels in the washing machine to soften them requires the use of a lower temperature setting. It is also preferable to set the device temperature to 30°C instead of 60°C To keep the towels soft for a long time. In fact, washing at a lower temperature is more environmentally friendly and preserves the softness of the fabrics.

Avoid overloading the drum to keep the towels soft

loaded cylinder

Loaded disc – Source: spm

Many give in to trying to put as many items into the drum as possible to make it faster. However, it appears to be counterproductive. Washing efficiency is reduced due to clothes You will not have enough space to move around during the procedure. Washing will also take longer than expected. For example, if you have a 7kg washer, it is recommended that you insert at most 5 large towels at a time.

Get soft towels with baking soda

Having long become a staple in many kitchen cabinets, this environmentally friendly powder It features many heroic deeds in the field of hygiene and beyond. Its versatility rightly contributes to its success and the respect it commands.

Turns out, baking soda is a great natural cleaner that’s also able to absorb unpleasant odors that are still present on the fabric. Another detail but not the least, it is an excellent alternative for those with sensitive skin. To do this, add ½ cup of baking soda to the washing machine drum and your towels will be naturally clean after washing.

With these natural methods of traditional fabric softeners, your towels will be soft and pleasant to touch.

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