How to plant and grow a jade tree at home?

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Crassula ovata is a perennial succulent plant with evergreen foliage. Many crassulas live for several years. Their flowers appear late. In fact, this crassula only blooms when it is 9 or 10 years old. However, to enhance the growth of your plant and speed up its development, some gestures must be made.

How to speed up the growth of a jade tree?

The jade tree grows very slowly. Its growth rate ranges from 5 to 20 cm per year, but by providing the right conditions for your houseplant, you can speed up its growth.

jade tree

jade tree. Source: spm

  • Repaint the jade tree

To stimulate plant growth, it is important Put it back in a larger pot. Thus, you provide him with enough space for growth. Put the jade tree back into a larger pot Promotes root development. However, it is important that you water your plant, at the beginning of its growth, every two to three years, being careful not to damage the roots. They are taking risks It takes longer to grow If you break them. Later, when the crassula is large enough, you can put it back every 5 years. After re-fertilizing, wait 4 months before fertilizing your plant, because the roots, still delicate, are prone to damage by the salts that make up the fertilizer. Be careful Do not plant your plant in the winter. During this period of vegetative rest, Crassula ovale rarely grows.

Repaint the jade tree

Redraw the jade tree. Source: spm

  • Fertilize the jade tree

Fertilizing the plant provides the necessary nutrients To promote good growth. To promote the growth of the jade tree, it is important to fertilize it, during its growth period, Once a month with aloe vera fertilizer. Fertilizer can be added between April and September. Do not fertilize your plant in winter, Because it enters a period of hibernation.

trick: To enrich your life, you can also use natural ingredients such as ground coffee. To do this, simply spread it over the soil of your plant.

  • Choosing the best jade tree site

To promote the vigorous growth of Crassula, it is important to place it in a lighted place. In fact, this undemanding plant appreciates light. in contrast, Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight Which may lead to burning of its leaves. A semi-shaded exposure is recommended. However, keep your plant in a bright and warm place, at a temperature of about 20 ° C, Like near the window. Also, avoid wet places. In winter, be careful to keep the plant away from heating, and keep it in a cool place, at a temperature of 10°C.

  • cut jade tree

If you notice that your crassula is growing slowly, you can transplant your plant’s seedlings into the same pot. scraps It is the way some plants reproduce. Like the cursula, which consists of taking a part of the plant from the mother plant called the cutting. Planting cuttings will allow you to get new shoots. To propagate cressus, snip a short stalk just above the bud. The tool used must be well disinfected. Keep the parts in a dry place Until it dries and heals. The larger the stem, the longer it will take to dry. Then apply a little rooting hormone to the end of the stem that will be planted in the ground. These promote rooting of the cuttings. Next, make a hole in the ground, and then plant the stem, making sure to cover the rooting hormones. keep a distance of 4 to 5 cm between the mother plant and the cutting, To avoid entanglement of the roots. Note that it is not recommended to water the cuttings while they are rooting. You will risk rotting. Keep your bowl in a bright place. Between 3 to 4 weeks, new shoots should appear at the top of the stem.

With these practical tips, you will speed up the growth of your succulent plant with decorative foliage and get a strong crassula.

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