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How often should you vacuum? The answer will surprise you

Many people ask themselves this question. But it depends on the floor covering and whether you have pets at home. We explain to you.

How often to empty?

Consider vacuuming the high-traffic areas of your rooms every day and the entire surface twice a week. In rooms with poor traffic, vacuum twice a week. For underused or unused rooms, feel good about vacuuming every 15 days. Above all, do not rush with a quick vacuum: do what is necessary in an efficient manner. by active sweeping in different directions, Then you are sure to suck out dirt and hair.

Vacuum the rug. Source: spm

Unless you work in a sandy environment, live in a wooded area, or have pets, you probably only need to clean hard floors once a week.

However, dust and other allergens, by their microscopic nature, can infiltrate and settle in cracks between floorboards. So it is recommended to get rid of it as soon as possible!

Finally, we invite you not to use harsh chemicals during this household task. Instead, consider cleaning your hardwood floors with natural products you already have at home.

Vacuum Cleaner. Source: spm

Who doesn’t love their little friends? In fact, cats, dogs, and other pets can shed all over the house. In addition, our little friends bring many parasites with their feet!

In this case, whatever the type of floor, vacuum it daily. If you don’t have time, focus on the rooms and furniture where your pets spend, eat, play and sleep.

Vacuuming at home. Source: spm

Use a high quality vacuum cleaner

To better protect your floors, consider investing in the best vacuum cleaner you can afford. As you search, you will likely find machines that only remove surface dirt. Don’t give in to temptation and keep looking for a better vacuum cleaner! If you have carpets, you will need a machine with a very good filtration system and great suction power. Finally, many experts assure that a vacuum cleaner with adjustable height will be a good purchase: it can be used on different types of floors.

Note that robotic vacuum cleaners can come in handy for quick cleaning. However, these devices couldn’t be more efficient than canister vacuum cleaners.

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