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How many animals can you spot in this optical illusion?

Optical illusion tests are very popular on social networks lately, and psychologists often use them to better analyze their patients. Do you think you have excellent visual abilities and inexhaustible concentration? If you are a person who is attentive to the smallest detail, then try to determine the number of animals in the photo presented today. Know that everyone’s perceptions are different and that few have been able to discover the exact number of creatures. Test yourself to see where you stand.

How many animals do you see in this picture?

Optical illusion – Source: spm

Some people see six, while others count more than 10. Exactly how many do you think there are? This image is designed as a visual effect that hides a variety of animals in a very limited color palette, where there is only black and white.

This terrifying challenge raises a lot of controversy, because the more we observe the image in depth, the more new animals we discover. So it is very annoying and fun at the same time.

Take your time and focus well and try to find as many creatures as possible.

Here is the solution:

There are exactly 16 animals in the picture! Look at the table below to see the hidden animals.
Elephant, donkey, dog and cat are animals that the majority can recognize with the naked eye. But by observing the picture more carefully, you can also spot a dolphin, a crocodile, a turtle, a small fish caught in an elephant’s eye and many others. In total, there are 16 animals.

Animals – Source: spm

Do you think you have an eye for detail?

Did you identify only four or six animals? This means that you have noticed the most obvious of the creatures: therefore, you should definitely work on your attention to detail and increase your attention even more.

If you notice seven to nine animals, this means that you are already more attentive to the elements around you.

We congratulate you if you managed to spot the crocodile hiding in the lower jaw of the elephant, or two shrimps located in the gap between the legs in front of the main animal. Your visual acuity at its best!

Of course, the final test was to locate the bird’s head between the elephant’s forehead and its trunk. A real challenge that very few people could meet.

In general, if you can find at least ten animals, or even more, this means that you have the ability to leave anything to chance and be meticulous about what you do daily. Whether you are in your professional and private life, you care about the less obvious things. This competence signifies a certain perfectionism and a strong sense of management and organization.

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