Do you know why people put salt on their doorstep? It solves a problem we all have

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So, if some put it on their doorstep, there is a certain reason behind it. Let’s find out!

Why do we put salt in front of the door?

It’s an old grandmother’s trick, still as practical and effective as ever!

In fact, many people put salt at the entrance to their homes to keep ants away. The properties of this component, which mainly consists of sodium chloride, make it run away instinctively. like weeds, the salt Allow To catch ants naturally And destroy their nests at the same time.

So finding salt on the neighbor’s doorstep should not worry you: it means that he puts in place a natural system to prevent ants from gathering at the entrance to his house.

The method is very simple: Sprinkle salt where you saw the ants pass. Be aware, however, that once the scout ants show others where to go, another line will be established.

After discovering them, create a dam based on coarse salt to prevent these insects from crossing the door.

man sprinkles salt

A man sprinkles salt. Source: spm

Salt helps absorb moisture and ward off the “evil eye”

In addition to eliminating ants, spraying salt in front of the door of the house helps reduce the level of moisture inside. In fact, salt is notorious for absorbing moisture: it is an ionic compound that strongly attracts highly polar water molecules. In addition, placing coarse salt on external doors and windows improves the internal condition of the house.

Finally, according to several cultures, the use of salt also helps to get rid of negative emotions, evil spirits, or bad luck.

jar of salt

jar of salt. Source: spm

Other uses for salt?

As mentioned earlier, salt has other virtues and can be useful in many situations. Here are a few:

  • Soothe a bee sting: If a bee attacks you, moisten the sting immediately and then apply salt to it.
  • Elimination of grease fire: Put salt on it to quench it. NB: Never use water to put out a grease fire.
  • Clean up oven spills: Sometimes food overflows on the oven floor. To prevent smoke and odors, sprinkle salt over them. Once the oven has cooled, remove the residue with a brush.
  • Poison ivy eradication: Add a little salt to the soapy water. Then spray this solution on the leaves and stems.
  • reveal egg pAn old : In a glass of water, add two teaspoons of salt. Put an egg in this cup. If the latter is new, it will sink. Otherwise, it will float.
  • Get rid of the grass between slabs From the yard: You can sprinkle salt on the grass and then pour hot water over it. The second method is to sprinkle coarse salt on the lawn, leave it all day or night, and then pour hot water over it.
  • To repel fleas: You can use salt as a natural flea repellent.

As you can see, salt is useful in many ways. You can then use it the way you want.

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