Black marks on the bottom of the toilet? This ingredient from your closet eliminates them in one minute

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Nobody is happy to clean the bathroom and even less the toilet bowl, a task we all consider ungrateful. But with the help of a few natural products, you can achieve this more quickly and effectively. The guide, with this culinary component that will allow, among other things, to fight against limescale in your toilet.

toilet cleaning

Cleaning the toilet – Source: spm

Use this natural ingredient to get rid of scale deposits in the toilet

To make toilets shine without worrying about the effect of the products used on our health and our environment, it is recommended to switch to natural methods based on the use of everyday foods. Like the white vinegar and baking soda, Which will counteract yellow or brown stains from limescale on the walls of your toilets. Here’s how to take advantage of the antibacterial and bleaching properties of white vinegar and baking soda:

toilet soda

Add baking soda to the walls of the toilet. – Source: spm

Steps to polish toilet walls with baking soda and white vinegar

Above all, be aware that sometimes it is best to empty the water from the restrooms before starting to clean the toilets, so that the products used reveal their full effectiveness on the surface to be treated. So, instead of just flushing the toilet and turning off the water supply, use a toilet brush to empty the bowl with back and forth motions. As you progress, a little more water will remain in the bowl, this way, baking soda It will be able to stick more easily to the entire bowl. On the other hand, white vinegar will not be diluted much with water.

From then on, simply mix baking soda with water to get a substance that covers the walls of the toilet. To do this, use a microfiber cloth or sponge. Let sit for a few hours or even overnight and then the next day, Use a brush to get rid of the remaining dirt. Then rinse it off with another damp cloth.

You will then complete this process, By pouring white vinegar all over the bowl. After about two hours, all the dirt should be gone. Finally, rinse with a soft, damp cloth, flush the toilet and you’re done! Depending on the degree of dirt on your bowl, you will have to repeat the process more than once to make your toilet sparkle again.

Other Effective Techniques To Easily Remove Limescale From Bathrooms

So you will no longer need bleach to effectively descale your bathroom walls. The latter could even be counterproductive. Here are some interesting alternatives that you can try to remove limestone in your toilet:

Use sandpaper to remove limescale in the toilet


sandpaper – source: spm

This technique is ideal against traces of limestone. Depending on their degree of persistence, you will have the option eBetween medium or coarse sandpaper. This abrasive paper will remove limescale. The ideal is to have these two types of paper. So, start with Gently rub the traces of limestone With medium grit sandpaper. The surface layers are gone, attack the rest with coarse sandpaper while maintaining a certain subtlety in your gestures. Finally, flush the toilet to remove the remaining residue and continue with the classic flushing of the bowl.

Removing the traces of limescale from the walls of the toilet with mudstone

Claystone is an excellent cleaner and is suitable for most surfaces in the home, including toilets. Use a sponge impregnated with clay and water, and then wipe the walls of the toilet with it. This is a highly effective natural alternative that will restore the luster of your sanitation facilities.

These economical and natural technologies will replace chemical products to reduce their impact on the environment and your health. So feel free to use it!

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