Always leave a bowl of rice in the bathroom: it’s the solution to a problem we all have

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The bathroom is one of the rooms in the house that needs to be perfumed regularly. The reason for this, we will suggest you to implement a remarkably effective solution to make it happen.

Rice grains in pots

Rice grains in pots. – Source: spm

What is the component that solves the problem of smell in the bathroom?

To make sure your bath is always scented, a very natural and simple way is to put raw rice in a bowl and add a few drops of eucalyptus or lavender essential oil. Tea tree oil, cloves, cinnamon, or lemon essential oil are scents that will be just as effective. Your bathroom will soon be scented with a pleasant scent while eliminating unpleasant odors.

Clean and new bathroom

Clean and new bathroom. – Source: spm

What other uses can rice be made of?

This nourishing food is also effective at repelling moisture in the bathroom, but that’s not all. Its benefits are actually many. Here are some of them:

Store your knives with rice

If you are looking for an original technology to store your knives without damaging their tips, rice is the most effective way to do it. Just take a tall glass and fill it full with rice. If you are concerned that nails will damage the container, you can place cardboard on top of it.

Rice to save your phone

A phone in the middle of the rice

A phone in the middle of the cedar. – Source: spm

If you drop your phone in water, it won’t lose anything. In fact, the solution to this problem may be in your pantry. Obviously we are talking about rice in this case. To do this, place your smartphone in a freezer bag filled with raw rice after it has previously dried and remove the SIM card and battery. Leave it in the rice bag for two hours Almost or more, check after this, if your phone works again. Note that this process does not always work.

Rice to keep your coffee grinder

The flavor of the ground coffee is priceless and that’s reason enough to take care of your coffee grinder. However, it can be very difficult to clean them due to the difficult access to their mechanisms. Thanks to the grains of rice, it will be possible to effectively clean the coffee grinder, especially due to its texture and size. They will also get rid of the potentially unpleasant smell of the oil that the coffee beans emit.

To do this, turn on the coffee grinder, this time with rice kernels, and then with a brush, clean everything. Note that You can also apply this method to a spice grinder.

From deodorizing the bathroom to saving our phones to cleaning the coffee grinder, rice grains should make us reconsider their use even more.

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