Why should you always leave a glass of water behind your door? It will save you a lot of trouble

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The trick we present to you today may seem strange at first glance, however, it may be a life saver. This is a simple reaction that allows you to make sure that no one enters your home. So let’s discover this new technology through this article.

Water Cup

A glass of water – Source: spm

The trick that can prevent someone from entering your house

To find out if a criminal is about to enter your home, the technique is quite simple, especially if you do not have security cameras at home. It simply consists of put a mop behind the door on which it is You will put a large glass of water. Once the person opens the door, the glass will spill and wet the squeegee. This method is especially effective if you plan to only leave the house for a short time.

A burglary is about to break into a house

A burglar is about to break into a house – Source: spm

However, there are several ways to better protect yourself, and prevent thieves from entering your home.

Some signs that someone is trying to break into your home

The idea that someone could enter your home without your knowledge makes you feel uncomfortable and discovering that this is really the case terrifies you even more! A situation that makes you fear the worst: And the If the criminal intends to try his luck again? That’s why it’s important to pay attention to some of the signs that can tell if someone has already broken into your home:

Damage to your door or window

Let’s start with one of the more obvious signs. A broken window or door is a clear indication that someone has tried to break into your home. While most thieves choose to open the lock, others prefer to go the hard way by kicking a door or smashing its window.

Footprints found in your yard

Some thieves may leave traces in your garden, but how visible they are depends on the nature of the coating. Thus, if it was covered with tall grass, it would be very easy to perceive that someone had stepped on it. And the This would be even more obvious in the event of a snowfall, since The remaining footprints will be more than obvious.

Additionally, consider identifying the type of shoe according to the mark left by the sole, which can help you determine the brand as well as the size. This information may be useful to the police as evidence.

The door or gate of your home is left ajar

It is almost impossible not to notice that the garden gate or the door to the house remains open. In fact, we all make sure to lock it or shut it behind us before we leave our home. If you find it equivocal when you return, that means Someone broke into your house. Eventually hope it’s just one of your family members.

Crowd marks on your door

Robbery using a crowbar to open the door

Robbery using a crowbar to open the door – Source: spm

To get into the house more easily, one of the methods most used by thieves is Use the crowbar to force open the main entrance door. If this happens, you may notice glaring marks on the door frame.

Returning home, after a short or long period, it will always be better to pay attention to those little details that seem insignificant to you, but may indicate that someone broke into your house while you were away.

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