Why is it necessary to keep aloe vera in your bedroom?

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Furniture and non-environmental cleaning products release toxic substances into the air that pollute indoor air and affect its quality. Our bedrooms are not left out. The polluted air that circulates in our home also seeps into our bedroom, affecting the quality of our sleep. Some decontaminating plants are very effective in purifying the air in the home. Discover for this purpose the interest of keeping cacti in your bedroom.

Aloe vera are exotic, easy-care plants. In addition to the decorative aspect, this succulent has other important advantages. To take advantage of its benefits, it is advisable to keep aloe vera in the bedroom.

Why do you keep aloe vera in the bedroom?

Aloe vera has the advantage Oxygen release at night and carbon dioxide (CO2) during the day. You can then keep it in your bedroom, To provide your room with oxygen better in the evening. It is also advisable to keep the cactus close to the TV or computer screen, So that it absorbs and neutralizes electromagnetic waves emitted by these devices. In addition to purifying indoor air, cacti also have the advantage of decorating your indoor space. Furthermore, aloe vera comes in several varieties. Some are also distinguished by their abundant flowers, such as the Christmas cactus or the orchid cactus.

potted cactus

Cactus in pot. Source: spm

aloe vera is easy to maintain, It does not require much care. However, to maintain their health, it is important to put them in In a place exposed to a lot of light. If you notice that the new shoots are thin and faded, This means that your plant lacks sun. Regarding watering, cacti do not need regular watering, like all succulents for this matter. In fact, cacti do not appreciate standing water. Let the soil dry out between two waterings, and put clay pebbles at the bottom of the pot To promote exchange Avoid stagnant moisture. When watering an aloe vera plant, use low-lime water at room temperature, and be sure to only moisten the soil without wetting the cactus. In winter, turn off all water supply, Because the cactus becomes dormant.

In addition to cacti, what plants can be kept in the bedroom?

Choose your bedroom plants with decontaminating properties, that purifies the surrounding air and helps you sleep. For this purpose, you can choose chlorophytum plant also known as spider plant. This plant is effective To absorb formaldehyde, benzene or even carbon monoxide. You can also keep sansevieria in your room, which releases oxygen in the evening and thus allows it to have a good night’s sleep, Or even an aloe vera that neutralizes electromagnetic waves and also removes dust mites from the room. If you like flowering plants, you can choose spathiphyllum, also called moonflower, or peace lily. This plant is perfect To eliminate toxic substances And purify the air in the bedroom.


spathiphyllum. Source: spm

To take care of the plants you keep in your room, it’s important to leave the shutters open during the day, so your plant can benefit from the exposure to light. Also, be sure to clean the potting soil regularly to prevent mold formation that can occur It causes attacks in people with asthma or allergies. It is also recommended to clean your room with environmental products, to avoid releasing polluting toxic substances into the air. Also, remember to ventilate your room to provide your plants with oxygen. and improve ambient air quality.

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