What is the button under the rear view mirror of the car? Very useful secret function

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Everyone knows what a rearview mirror is. On the other hand, few know that there is a hidden function in this security device. Do you want to discover it for better driving? Read on!

inside the car

The interior of the car – Source: spm

hidden mirror button

The mirror arm allows you to enjoy an excellent view of the side and rear of the vehicle. Mirrors have a mirror mounted on a bracket. Finally, there is a lever placed just behind the mirror. What is its function?

In fact, this little tab allows you to point the mirror up or down, and then arrange it. The arm of the mirror plays an important role while driving: by turning it to the position that can best help you, you are sure that you will not be flooded by the lights of other vehicles.

Many drivers apply this trick every day because it makes driving easier in different situations.

Finally, the caveat remains important: if misused, the mirror arm can cause accidents. Due to solar radiation, jewelry hanging from the arm of the mirror can cause glare problem, and thus potential accidents. Therefore it is highly recommended to stop this habit of hanging things on the arm of the mirror.

interior rear mirror

Inner rear mirror. Source: spm

Rearview mirror: auto-dimming for modern cars

Older car models only have manual dimmer. The latter did the trick, but today, auto-dimming takes over, making driving more comfortable and safer. As the name suggests, the dimming is automatic, so you don’t need to interfere while driving.

How do I adjust the interior and exterior mirrors correctly?

For better driving experiences, learn how to properly adjust your rearview mirror!

  • Sit in the driver’s seat. Position the seat and steering wheel in the best possible way to sit comfortably as well as handle the gear lever, brake pedal and accelerator pedal.
  • Handle the mirror carefully so you can see straight from the middle of the rear glass without having to move your head.
  • firm? amazing. Look for levers or studs that adjust the outside mirrors. Newer models have a small lever or joystick on the driver’s side door to electronically adjust these mirrors. If you have an older model, you must adjust the mirror manually via a lever or by pressing the mirror.
  • Then do the same for the passenger side mirror. Once all the mirrors are adjusted, sit in the driver’s seat and look at each one. Start with the driver’s side mirror. You must see everything behind you!

That’s it, so you are advised to use these tips for a comfortable and safe flight!

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