Hotel trick to perfectly fold towels: you’ll fool all your guests

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Over time, you end up accumulating a lot of towels. They pile up and fill our wardrobes and compete for space with other textiles. But before we get to this point, we really like to fold it up quickly, especially if there are a lot of it. Fortunately, there is an effective technology that allows you to perform this task simply and quickly.

Woman holding folded towels

Woman holding folded towels. – Source: spm

Save time with this napkin folding method

If you no longer want your towels to crumble once you open your closet, we have it for you The fold method in Konmari style. In just a few gestures, you can use this technique to save precious minutes when folding towels. Here are the simple steps to follow to end the clutter in your closets.

How to implement the Konmari method and fold towels effectively?

The first thing to do is to avoid mixing sheets and towels. Thus, it is advisable to take the towels out of the closet, open them and then sort them according to their size.

On the bed, a big table or any other flat surfaceLay your napkin down and fold it in the middle horizontally. Fold it again in the same direction to get a rectangle.

In the other direction, that is, the length, fold the napkin in half without reaching the end. Then fold the part that goes beyond then Fold the napkin over itself one last time.

In addition, vertical storage is preferable, if the height of your stairs allows. This will provide a better design of towels while saving space. So you can roll the towels instead of folding them.

To make sure you have successfully applied the KonMari storage method, just place the folded towel upright. whether, I noticed it was standing by itselfit means that you have applied this method successfully.

If you want to use the same folding technique but decide to roll the napkin instead of folding it, all you have to do is simply fold the napkin in half on the horizontal side and then roll it over on itself. This way, you can store the towels in your closet by arranging them vertically and in several rows. This will also prevent them from constantly falling off.

Towels rolled up in a wicker drawer

Towels rolled up in a wicker drawer – Source: spm

Towels should also be distributed according to their use. So think about your design by dedicating an area for hand towels, another for the face and so on. This method will not only save you time, but also space in your closet.

Napkins folded side by side

Napkins folded side by side. – Source: spm

How to apply the Konmari method for guest towels?

For so-called guest towels, just follow the same steps above, except for one detail. Fold the napkin from the middle horizontally, then in half again in the same direction to get a rectangle as shown above. but, Then you will have to fold in 3 The role will be played!

This method is more interesting if you want to store towels in drawers or wicker baskets, for visibility.

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