Homemade Ultra Clean Lemon Soap: A Recipe To Make It Easy

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Sometimes you waste a lot of time looking for the right soap for your hands. Now this will be history. For good reason, you can make your own scented soap from just a few items.

Environmentally friendly soap set

Homemade eco-friendly soap set – Source: spm

How do you make your own scented and ultra-cleaning soap?

The preparation of homemade soap is not an isolated practice and that is exactly what we are going to introduce you to. You can then form knowledge based on lemon peel, which is famous for its antibacterial power and unique scent.

What you will need:

  • 170 grams of glycerin soap
  • lemon peel;
  • soap molds
  • Half a teaspoon of lemon essential oil.
lemon peel

Lemon flavor – Source: spm

Put the glycerin soap, lemon peel, and essential oil in a bowl before placing it in the microwave, then wait 30 seconds for the lotion to dissolve before removing it. Once done, stir the mixture while it cools. This way, the lemon essential oil will completely permeate into the lotion.

Pour the resulting mixture into silicone molds, then leave until completely cooled. Then remove the soap from the mold and place it in a box or other airtight container for the purpose of So they can keep this smell Lemon. This preparation should not take more than 15 minutes!

How to prepare a liquid hand soap based on lemon?

Use liquid soap

Using liquid soap – Source: spm

If you prefer to use soap in liquid form, here is another quick and easy recipe. Here are the steps to follow:

You can start by making a blend of scents to your liking, choosing different essential oils: clove, cinnamon, rosemary or even thyme. In a small bowl, pour 5 drops of each chosen oil. Then, you can create the soap base by making an ingredient mix Half a cup of Castile soap And half a cup of water. While stirring the mixture, add 2 tablespoons of oil, choosing for example extra virgin olive oil that helps create soft hands.

After everything is well mixed, pour the lotion into a container of liquid soap. to end, Add 15 drops of your mixture of essential oil inThe Contains Where is your liquid soap and shake it. Homemade liquid soap is now ready to use!

Economical and easy to prepare, thanks to these recipes, you will be able to do without these artificially flavored soaps whose effectiveness leaves something to be desired.

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