Heating bills are going to rise this winter: here’s the trick to consuming less while keeping your home warm

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Providing heating without shivering is quite possible and conceivable. How ? The answer is in this article.

How do we save heating without constant cold?

More than just an observation, it’s a fact. The prices of energy, gas, fuel oil and electricity are constantly rising. Whatever the reasons behind this increase, heating production accounts for two-thirds of a dwelling’s energy bill. A large expense for the majority of families in France. A situation that is not about to improve and may lead some to remain without heating throughout the winter month. However, it is quite possible to reduce heating costs and prevent energy costs from rising at the same time. To achieve this, all you have to do isAdopting daily environmental gestures for more responsible consumption. Habits that allow you to reduce your energy bills by making negligible savings.

Warm up well in winter

Warm up well in winter. Source: spm

Seal doors and windows to reduce heating costs

One of the first measures that must be taken to reduce heating costs and thus achieve energy savings, is to improve the insulation of windows and doors. In fact, this equipment may appear Worn and torn cracks or joints allow cold drafts to enter. In this case, all you have to do is inspect the window and door frame, looking for the slightest defect. To remedy this, it is possible to improve the sealing of windows and doors. So you can consider installing caulking seals on the edge of windows or the sides of the door, opting for foam, rubber or silicone seals. Although it is affordable and easy to install, foam sealant is considered the least resistant, due to its sticky side, which does not provide perfect insulation. The rubber seal is more resistant and more effective in terms of insulation and can be attached in several ways: glued, stapled or nailed. For its part, it is the silicone seal that provides the greatest guarantees against water leakage and heat loss, as it is applied with a gun.

However, before choosing, Remember to check the compatibility of your devices, Wood, aluminum or PVC With the type of installation envisionedas well as the thickness and length of the connections you wish to use on the entire frame.

Insulate the window before the onset of winter

Insulate the window before the onset of winter. Source: spm

Save your equipment to lower your heating bill

To reduce your energy bills, using heating efficiently will not be enough if you do not think about maintaining your equipment. In fact, it is recommended Dust your radiators regularly so they work properly. In fact, dust buildup inside this appliance, whether it is electric or fitted with a hot water system, prevents proper heat circulation inside your home. Thus your cooler becomes less efficient and has to consume additional energy to function better. The same applies to boilers, such equipment must be serviced annually by contacting a licensed specialist. This will ensure that it operates properly and avoids any excessive energy consumption.

Finally, don’t forget to clean your chimney. This measure will not only prevent any danger of carbon monoxide poisoning and fire due to blockage of the chimney, but also save energy. Feel free to resort to chimney sweeps that have a professional qualification and permission to do this activity.

chimney sweep

Sweep the chimney. Source: spm

In addition, you can always contact the technician, who equips him with a thermal camera to test the quality of the insulation and identify areas of external and internal air leakage and thus put your finger on any potential power loss. This will help you find solutions that are suitable for your home, allowing you to make a lot of savings along the way.

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