Hair styles and colors: 20 models

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It’s a new season and you know what that means: New hair color trends loom.

It might seem like there’s nothing new to offer after all the trends we’ve seen in recent years. We asked top hairstylists to list the most popular hair color trends this season and many of them are extensions of the ones that already exist.

There’s an updated and more impactful version of Balayage, a new shade of brown.

Don’t forget the balayage style, a coloring technique that continues to grow in popularity through the creation of different varieties, it’s a great choice for beginners and doesn’t require much maintenance.

As for the haircut trends we’ve seen in just about everything, it’s no surprise that square cuts dominate this season as well, with all their versions: bobble bobs, straight squares, dangling… There will also be plenty of room for a pixie cut and shaggy haircut but with a greater length. a little bit.

Keep reading, discover our best ideas for hair styles and colors according to the latest trends and get inspired for your next appointment at the hairdresser.

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