From today, a whirlwind of pain will fall upon these three signs of the zodiac

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3 zodiac signs will have their minds racing over the next few days. The energy of the full moon, and the energy of the retreat of Saturn in Aquarius, will be unfavorable to them. It exacerbates their fears and anxiety.

What are three zodiac signs that you will experience a period of anxiety over the next few days?

Until October 23, Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius. This planetary movement is a time of questioning and reflection. 3 Zodiac Signs You Can Feel Anxious During This Planetary Transit. Moreover, during the Retrograde of Saturn, it is desirable to slow down, and not to put pressure on yourself. On October 9, the full moon will be in Aries. This lunar phase is favorable for taking action, but it can also affect our mood. Aries is also an impulsive sign by nature, with a fiery temper. During this period it is advisable to direct our energy to avoid tensions. These three zodiac signs will be especially concerned over the next few days.

  • RAM

ram anguish


The native of this sign will be disappointed over the next few days. He realizes that Reality is far from matching his expectations. During this period, Aries should step back and recalculate. Moreover, Jupiter, retrograde until November, advises the native of this sign To avoid hasty decisions. This go-getter should study in advance, every action he plans. To avoid failures that annoy and destabilize him, this fire sign must also be Cultivate your sense of observation and analysis in favor of their work. Thus, he will know how to behave better.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn pain

Capricorn. Source: spm

The native of this sign will experience a period of uncertainty over the next few days. At work, he will have the impression that his projects lack solidity. He will also feel limited and unable to fully develop. These disturbances will make Capricorn anxious. Also, during this period this earth sign He will feel so burdened by his responsibilities that he will not be able to control his reactions. The stars advise Libra to take a step back, so as not to let themselves be overwhelmed by this flood of thoughts that exacerbate their fears and uneasiness.

  • virgin

Virgo's torment

virgin. Source: spm

The natives of this sign will be more sensitive to stress over the next few days. This picky, detail-oriented Earth sign He will find it difficult to feel calm during this period. The energy of the Moon will make Virgo very confused. At work, she will be torn between her desire to take action by sticking firmly to her already in place strategy, and her desire to step back and question the next steps in her projects. This confusion will be a source of distress for the people of this sign, Especially since Virgo is a subtle and perfect sign by nature. It can put her at risk of making mistakes in all cases. Virgo will not be calm even in her life as a married couple. She will doubt the intentions of the person who shares her life with her. stars recommend it To trust your instincts And his judgment in determining the situation.

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