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Can you find the potatoes hidden among the hamsters?

For some time now, the visual challenges and puzzles have been increasing. So much so that they invade social networks to go viral. Every day, thousands of netizens practice tickling their brains to solve puzzles more complex than each other. Here are two that are sure to excite you. Good luck to you!

Can you find the potatoes hidden in the picture?

If you like challenges and challenges, alone or with friends, this puzzle is for you! As you can see in the picture, there are dozens of hamsters huddled together. But among them, he hides an intruder: a potato. It is up to you to find it!

We give you, exercise is far from simple. You will have to focus as much as possible, arming yourself with patience and determination. I know that very few people have been able to discover it. Do you think you have the skills to meet this challenge?

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Although they did their best, many threw in the towel because all the hues look alike in this photo and the colors are the same too. It’s hard, hard to find those damn potatoes. But it’s not impossible either, because little details make a big difference!

If you do not give up and increase your visual acuity to spot the intruder, we congratulate you very much. And if your mind is literally foggy and you almost have a migraine, we will not prolong the state of suspense. The solution is shown below!

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

Yeah, here’s those potatoes, right in the middle of a hamster. Unlike the others, even if she looks almost exactly like them, as you can see, she doesn’t have eyes, nose, or ears. Pretty smart, isn’t it?

Come on, it’s okay, recover your emotions and continue your brain gymnastics with this new viral challenge. Who knows, you might get lucky this time!

Can you determine which bird stands out from the rest?

Let’s stay in the animal world, but for now it’s about birds. You see in the picture 3 birds of the same breed. Obviously, at first glance, they look like triplets, they are very similar. But there is a slight difference: one has a peculiarity that the others do not have. Can you spot it quickly?

According to the authors of this visual puzzle, most people can’t figure out the correct answer in less than 30 seconds. Do you think you can do a better job? It is up to you to quickly determine which bird differs from the other birds in this picture. Above all, keep your eyes wide open and focus carefully on every detail.

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

If your visual abilities are sharp, you will have no problem spotting this difference and maybe even before the announced delay.

If after 30 seconds you haven’t discovered which of these birds is different, don’t get too discouraged. Remember that very few people have accepted this difficult challenge.

Below, we reveal the answer.

Yes, it is the number 1 bird that stands out from the crowd. Moreover, now that the puzzle was solved, the small difference was obvious, right? Like what, sometimes we complicate our existence, and the solution is right in front of us!

Visual Challenge Solution – Source: spm

All these puzzles are known to enhance the brain and further develop our cognitive abilities. But not only. Solving this type of puzzle also leads to great personal satisfaction and thus the release of feel-good hormones. For all these reasons, feel free to train regularly whenever you have free time.

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