An incredible trick for cleaning dirty and rusty oven racks: just use this product for 0.5 cents

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When cleaning the house, we often neglect certain areas, such as the oven rack. The guide, once we’ve finished preparing a meal or reheating leftovers, few of us care about it. As a result, dirt accumulates and rust eventually appears over time. What’s more, if you use your oven to cook greasy foods like turkey or beef, they will become more and more difficult to remove from the shelves. Therefore, taking care of your grills in no time we suggest you use a specific product, especially if your oven does not benefit from regular cleaning. You should know that household products and conventional cleaning products can definitely disinfect, separate, deodorize and eliminate bad odors. However, they remain toxic and harmful to the environment. With this highly effective, eco-friendly product, you can safely clean all surfaces in your home.

oven racks

oven racks – Source: spm

What ingredient should you use to remove grease from your oven shelves?

Inside your kitchen cupboard or inside your fridge, there’s a miracle solution that home professionals swear by. This is a natural, effective and versatile solution White vinegar. On ovens, grills, and many other surfaces around the house, it’s the best way To remove clogged tough stains. So the oven racks should be fixed tightly.

white vinegar

white vinegar; Source: spm

But to improve its degreasing and cleansing properties, it is recommended to combine it with salt, whose abrasive ability is a real ally against dandruff. To do this, prepare a large plastic bag into which you will pour an equal part of white vinegar and water as well as coarse salt. Remember to adjust the dose according to the size of the mesh. Let it act for a few minutes or an hour and then scrub the mesh with a rag or sponge. Dirt and rust should go away quickly.

How to clean the oven and its shelves on a daily basis

If your oven doesn’t have time to collect a lot of dirt, it’s a good idea to use another major cleaning ingredient: lemon. Due to its wonderful cleaning properties, this citrus fruit can replace many commercial cleaners as it is nature’s secret to the always-sparkling oven. That’s just.

Cut the lemon in half

Cut a lemon in half – Source: spm

Citrus is so effective, it will make cleaning your oven shelves a lot easier and encourage you to deal with your appliance more often. So, in order to make your webs shine, The trick would simply be to use an oven pan, Add the juice of two lemons and fill the bowl with water before placing it inside the appliance.

Heat the container for 30 minutes. Turn off the oven and let the citrus steam run. Then soak a cloth in the slightly cooled solution to clean the inside walls of the oven.

If this cleaning technique is so effective, it is because The combination of moisture and antibacterial power of citrus fruits facilitates the cleaning process. However, you just have to keep in mind that this technique presupposes that your device actually benefits from regular maintenance to some extent. It should not have time to accumulate dirt, food residues and traces of grease, which are firmly covered. A long neglected oven will require more of the above white vinegar technology, which will ensure a thorough cleaning of the appliance.

With these methods, you won’t be put off by the thought of having to deal with dirty oven shelves. Nothing will stop you now from using this indispensable device.

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