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Aluminum foil has various uses in the kitchen. They are useful, among other things, in food packaging and storage. In addition to these common uses, it may have other functions in the kitchen. Find out why aluminum foil balls are important to stock.

A pantry is a small cupboard in which food is stored. However, our food is not always protected from insects. Find out how to make it happen with this simple and effective trick.

Why do we put aluminum foil balls in stock?

Foil ball

Foil ball. Source: spm

Aluminum foil is effective in repelling insects. The aluminum sheet reflects the light, which prevents insects from approaching plants or food. Tin balls act as a pest barrier too, thanks to their shiny appearance and the light they reflect.

So you can keep rollers of aluminum foil in your pantry, After cleaning it well, To prevent insects from getting close to your food. Moreover, it is advisable to clean the pantry regularly, Even if it is not infested with insects. Take the opportunity to get rid of food items that have been lying around for a long time and that are likely to attract insects. Then wash the shelves with soapy water, and wipe them with a sponge moistened with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

trick: To repel moths, it is advisable to put a few bay leaves in packets or containers of cereals or flour. You can also just To keep bay leaves on shelves from your store.

This trick can also be used to keep insects out of the house, Like ants or moths. To do this, simply place an aluminum sheet in front of your door to prevent insects from entering your home. Aluminum foil can also be used to keep insects, especially ants, out of the kitchen. You can either use it Seal cracks in kitchen cabinets or cracks under windows. This way you prevent ants from entering your kitchen.

It should also be noted that gardeners use aluminum foil sheets around the garden To ward off parasitic insects.

What are some other clever uses for aluminum foil in the kitchen?

Aluminum foil isn’t just for repelling insects or storing food. It has other uses in the kitchen.

aluminum foil roll

Aluminum foil roll. Source: spm

  • Clean the sinks with aluminum foil

Cleaning the bottom of a pan is no easy feat, especially when the effects of the burn persist. In fact, soapy water and a microfiber sponge are not always enough. To remove stubborn dirt and stains, use a ball of aluminum foil. Put a little washing up liquid in the pan, Then rub with the metal ball. This trick can also be used to clean pans.

  • Clean grill grates with aluminum foil

To loosen leftovers and dirt from your barbecue grill, simply use a ball of aluminum foil. Light the grill first To heat the mesh and facilitate its cleaning, Then stop roasting, Rub the mesh with the aluminum roller.

  • Store celery and broccoli in aluminum foil

Celery and broccoli are fragile vegetables that are difficult to preserve. To keep this vegetable fresh for up to 4 weeks, Just to wrap it in foil And put it in the fridge.

  • Keep the stove clean with aluminum foil

To avoid dirtying the gas stove when preparing food, use aluminum foil Depending on the size of your gas stove, Then cut holes in it for baking trays. Remove the clamps and line your stove with aluminum foil, then put them back in place. This way, you prevent grease splatters or water flowing from the pan from staining your gas stove. Change the foil as soon as it becomes very dirty.

Thanks to aluminum foil, you will be able to protect your pantry from food-attracted insects, such as ants or moths.

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