Why make a hole in the dish sponge? The little-known trick that makes life easier

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If you thought your dish sponge can only be used one way, think again, because we’ve got you covered with a trick few people know about.

Why should a hole in the dish sponge be made?

There are several ways to use a dish sponge. In principle, most of us only use kitchen sponges to wash dishes and throw them away when they are used. Now you can use it differently. but how ?

Sponge in the kitchen sink

A sponge in the kitchen sink. Source: spm

  • Avoid wasting dishwashing liquid

This trick is Make a hole in the center of the sponge. Some of you ask the question: What is the use of this? While washing dishes, you have no doubt, at some point, of the mess and traces left by dishwashing liquid in or over the sink. Good Avoid such a situation and save money, All you have to do is pour the dishwashing liquid into the hole you made in the center of the sponge. This will allow you to use a very small amount of dishwashing liquid and keep the sink clean.

Washing dishes with a sponge

Wash the dishes with a sponge. Source: spm

  • Reducing the reproduction of bacteria

Did you know that even cleaning, A dish sponge can contain billions of bacteria ? In addition to food debris trapped inside its pores, the dish sponge remains constantly wet, which makes it a real nest for bacteria.

After making a hole in the center of the sponge, you can attach it to the faucet after washing the dishes. Thanks to this trick, it will be able to dry properly and will always remain clean, which will reduce the risk of bacteria spreading.

Other useful dishwashing sponges that will make your life easier

In addition to cleaning cutlery, dish sponges can be used for other purposes. It will not fail to surprise you with its efficiency and usefulness.

  • Extend the life of fruits and vegetables

Put a little dry sponge in the fruit or vegetable drawer of the refrigerator, and then put your food in there. This will help absorb moistureThis extends the life of fruits and vegetables.

  • Absorbs unpleasant odors from the refrigerator

Does your refrigerator smell far from pleasant? The solution is simple. Simply take a damp sponge, sprinkle it with baking soda, and put it in the fridge. However, avoid placing it next to food.. This trick will freshen up your fridge and get rid of bad odors at the same time!

The refrigerator smells bad

The refrigerator smells bad. Source: spm

With these tricks, you’ll never use a dish sponge the same way again. Feel free to adopt these methods that will undoubtedly make your daily life easier.

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