Why is it smart to hang CDs on trees? The trick that saves your garden

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With advances in technology, CDs are outdated today. From now on, we are happy to replace it with other USB keys and MP3 players. There is no way to throw them in the trash. Are you a music lover and have kept a great collection of CDs at home? Do you have a garden or orchard? Good news: You’ll be able to recycle it in a totally unexpected way.

Why hang CDs or DVDs in trees in the garden?

CDs hanging in trees

CDs hanging in trees – Source: spm

For some time now, in the neighborhood, I’ve often noticed CDs hanging from the neighbor’s trees. These old discs, slightly scratched, adorn the foliage, tied with a thin fishing line. Is this a new decorative trend? No way.

In fact, hanging these tools is above all a very effective and clever way to scare away birds, hares and deer. As you know, these animals often wander around farms: they creep in gardens and orchards in search of food, and this is a very unpleasant situation, because your vegetable garden is often in dire straits. However, you are too busy to keep watching or double your deterrence to hunt down these hungry unwanted people.

So it’s a big plus: Since you still have a whole bunch of CDs and DVDs you don’t need anymore, this is the perfect time to move on with smart recycling. So the trick is to hang the discs on the trees: the slightest gust of wind will move them and make them spin. Thus, the CDs will reflect sunlight and automatically repel any animals that try to approach them.

NB : It is important to change the location of the disks periodically. Because after a while the animals will feel that the flashing light is not dangerous. So it would be wise to suspend them from time to time in other strategic places.

A smart alternative to many poisonous insect repellents

birds in the garden

Birds in the garden – Source: spm

So it is not a new alternative form of design, but a particularly effective technique for overcoming the problem of invasion by these pests.

In particular to scare away birds that used to settle near your windows and pollute your baseboards. Hanging CDs on the balcony is the perfect deterrent to pigeons, for example, which often fill the balconies, causing a lot of inconvenience. In addition to being carriers of infectious diseases, their presence is unhealthy. You always have to go after them to clean up the place. Unfortunately, traditional repellents are not always effective and remain toxic to the environment. Not to mention, these unwanted guests always end up attending.

Whether you are lucky enough to have a garden, or the door opens directly onto the patio, you also encounter the regular presence of stray cats looking for food. While some people are accustomed to visiting and even encouraging them to come, others cannot stand the presence of these intruders who often destroy plants.

Now you have the perfect solution to keep them out of your home: CDs reflect sunlight thanks to their glossy material. These worrying reversals will immediately discourage felines from approaching. Afraid, they won’t wander around anymore.

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