Which stick do you need to move to solve this equation?

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Of course, we touch our minds daily, even while we sleep. But it is always full of fears and miscellaneous information. To help him de-stress, disconnect and focus better on the basics, it is helpful if he takes a break regularly by solving some visual puzzles. You will often notice that your mind becomes clearer and more relaxed after some good challenges. Specifically, we’ll give you some tough challenges to get you started!

Can you solve this math problem

When you hear the word “puzzle,” you probably think of the crossword puzzle or sudoku that appears in the morning newspaper. Know that today, thanks to the Internet and social networks, there are thousands of online tests that will help you train your brain in a fun and entertaining way.

In this case, the challenge below has been circulating on the net for some time, and quickly went viral because it is particularly difficult and only very few netizens were able to solve it.

It is important to awaken all your cognitive abilities and focus as much as possible to try to meet the challenge.

Move one stick

Here’s today’s challenge: in the picture, we can see an arithmetic operation, a subtraction operation with greater accuracy. Figures consist of bars. As you can see, the answer is wrong.

Challenge 1

Problem to solve – Source: spm

The test consists of moving only one stick in order to get the appropriate operation for the final answer. Are you strong in mental arithmetic? Do you think you have mental agility and infallible logic to quickly find the number you want to modify? Look carefully at each number, and then make your mental move.

Even by torturing your mind, you still can’t find the right number? Calm down, the solution is below.

Here is the solution to the puzzle

Was the challenge too difficult? In this case, here is the solution.

Solution Challenge 1

The answer to the problem – Source: spm

That was pretty neat, wasn’t it? All you have to do is move a stick from the + sign to the 5 and it will form a 9 instead!

Did you find this challenge too difficult? Whether you choose to or not, we invite you to practice more with these new viral puzzles. Are you ready to surpass yourself? Starting !

Can you find what is hidden in these pictures?

  • Do you think you can find the butterfly hidden in this picture?

Challenge 2

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

In this photo, you notice that there are a lot of clothes scattered around you. But, among them, he hides an unwanted guest: a moth. Can you find it quickly? The exercise is very complicated, so beware. And very few Internet users have solved this puzzle. But with a good dose of focus and dramatically stimulating your visual acuity, you can get there. Good luck to you!

Here is the answer:

Ouch, do you not recognize him? It’s okay, you can see where the intruder was hiding in the photo below.

Solution Challenge 2

Challenge solution – Source: spm

Don’t get discouraged and keep going. You are sure to do better with these upcoming challenges!

  • Can you find the hidden hedgehog?

Challenge 3

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Changing the scenery: Here you are in a forest where trees are piled next to each other. In the heart of this green frame, a small hedgehog is hiding. Do you think you can discover it? Take your time and take a closer look at the photo and don’t miss any details.

I admit it’s a real headache, right? If you give your tongue to a cat, tell yourself that many others have not found this famous hedgehog before. It was well hidden. We congratulate you all if you managed to realize this after a few minutes.

If not, quickly find out where it is in the image below:

Solution Challenge 3

Visual Challenge Answer – Source: spm

  • Find the hidden frog

Challenge 4

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Come on, we continue with this new visual puzzle. In this photo, you notice a spacious and colorful bathroom with endless elements and greenery. But, who would like to come face to face with a frog in such a space? Well, as it happens, someone snuck in here. It is up to you to find the intruder!

No, it must be admitted that the exercise was particularly difficult: it is difficult, in fact, to find this little monster in the middle of this very lively bathroom. We tip our hat to you if you bravely accept the challenge. Otherwise, it’s not dramatic. The more you practice, the more brain reflexes you can gain!

Here is where this pesky frog is hiding:

Solution Challenge 4

Visual Challenge Answer – Source: spm

  • Can you find the hairpin hidden in this picture?

Challenge 5

Visual Challenge Image – Source: spm

Come on, finally a little bit to finish off in style! As you know, hairpins are very easy to misplace and hard to find in real life. At least here you know for sure that there’s one hidden somewhere on that makeup table. And that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll have an easier time figuring it out!

Never mind, this is your last challenge: keep your eyes open, watch all the elements and don’t think about trifles. With a little luck and deep concentration, you can find the black pin.

Congratulations, if your great visual acuity has allowed you to spot this pin. Suffice it to say that you are outstanding, because few have accepted this challenge.

If you still can’t solve the puzzle, the answer is below:

5 . solution challenge

Visual Challenge Answer – Source: spm

Don’t forget, whenever you have free time, feel free to train yourself by doubling the accuracy of these visual challenges. It’s an excellent gymnastics for the brain!

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