What is a zipper hole? Unknown feature saves you a lot of trouble

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In this article, we explain how to use this function as well as its advantages.

zipper backpack

Backpack zipper – Source: spm

What is the purpose of holes in the zipper?

Fasteners can have many advantages: they are easy to handle and rarely break. However, when we use a suitcase as part of a trip, we may feel some apprehensions. In fact, the zipper does not protect the bag, it is easily possible to be a victim of theft, because it can be easily opened. This presents a particular problem with the backpack.

Some fasteners have sliders with holes in them. Few people know the purpose of these holes, although they have a specific function. How do we use it properly?

Holes are not found in all fasteners. Usually, some items only have double zippers, which can be found in backpacks, sports bags, covers and suitcases for example. But the buttonholes for fasteners are not only decorative, thanks to them we can additionally protect our things. Here’s how.

The holes in the fasteners are made in such a way that a lock can be inserted there, if necessary. This is especially useful for bags or backpacks. If we keep cash, ID cards or keys inside during the flight, it is worth considering extra security. By locking the zipper with a small padlock, we can be sure that this will discourage thieves.

broken zipper

Broken Zipper – Source: spm

Here are some tips to fix a stuck zipper

Do you think it is difficult to fix a stuck zipper? Using these tricks, you can fix the zipper in a simple and fast way.

  • Zipper stuck?

To unzip, you can use all-purpose oil, coconut oil, or another lubricant at home, such as Vaseline or soap.

Apply it with a cotton swab to the inside and outside of the zipper and completely cover all the teeth. Then open and close the zipper little by little. It won’t work at first, so you have to be patient.

Still not confused? Spray glass cleaner and try opening and closing again.

  • Zipper stays open?

This certainly happened to you: you close the zipper, but the teeth remain far apart, that is, the zipper remains open. To secure it, open it completely and press down on the zipper cart using a pair of tweezers. You will succeed in modifying it.

Fasteners no longer hold any secrets for you!

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