The trick to making sure your bag is always first on the baggage belt at the airport

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Traveling is a fun that can tire quickly when you have to fly and wait for hours at the airport. However, there are solutions for you to have an enjoyable trip and for this experience to be more positive.

Especially when checking in your baggage, which can be a source of stress, if it turns out to be heavier than expected or if you lose a document at this very moment. In addition, another concern can be added when returning from vacation, when you receive your luggage.

What is the trick that allows you to bring your bag first at the airport?

Baggage at the airport

Baggage at the airport. Source: spm

After a long trip, you are often tired and just want to take your luggage in order to go home or Reach your next destination. However, before returning to rest or to reach your rental calmly, you must You remain vulnerable for many minutes before you can collect your luggage on the airport carpet. If you’re tired of anxiously sifting through the arrival of your bags, here’s a trick that lets you be the first passenger to pick it up.

  • Put a fragile card on your bag

sticker bag

Bag with a “fragile” label. Source: spm

When you go to the airport to check-in you and your luggage, you can make a special request to the agent who welcomes you. in time to register your baggage, Ask him to stick a “fragile” label on your bag. In fact, the bags that present this label, are finally loaded into the hold of the plane, and thus will be, Unload it first on the conveyor belt From the airport upon arrival.

Discover other tips for choosing your bag first at the airport

Baggage on the conveyor belt at the airport

Baggage on the conveyor belt at the airport. Source: spm

During a flight, many things can be stressful, especially during take-off and landing of a plane. This can range from delay to in-flight turbulence. But the most important thing is Find your luggage Right off the plane.

  • Check your last bag at the airport

To make sure you recover Your bag first on the airport conveyor beltRemember to check your luggage last. In fact, your bag will be placed above the others in the hold of the plane and it will come out first when you land.

  • Check your bag directly at the boarding gate

You can choose Check in your baggage directly at the boarding gate. In this way, it will also be loaded last into the hold of the aircraft and will end up first on the conveyor belt at the airport. The only downside to this method is that you will not be able to carry liquids because your luggage will be subject to security checks. In addition, your baggage must respect the size of the cabin bag.

  • Take a business class plane ticket to pick up your bag first

If you have the ability and means to do so, you can take a business class ticket for it For certain perks, particularly when retrieving your luggage from the conveyor belt at the airport. You will be able to leave the plane first but you will also get priority for your bag over other passengers. If you still want to save money for your stay, you can always follow the above methods to collect your bags first.

By following these tips, endless waiting times in front of the airport conveyor belt will be a thing of the past.

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