The detergent compartment is divided into 3 parts. But hardly anyone knows how to use it properly

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A washing machine is an essential household appliance that allows you to get clean clothes in no time. However, it has a drawer with three compartments and tabs. But do you know what corresponds to? Are you putting the right products in the right places?

Products to be washed, softened and give a pleasant smell to the laundry are poured into the detergent drawer. Many do not know the usefulness of each room? Explanations are in this article.

What are the three compartments of washing machine detergent?

Washing machine compartments

washing machine compartments. Source: spm

To use your washing machine properly, it is important to maintain it regularly so that it is always as efficient as it has always been. Also, you need to know all the accessories of your washing machine. That’s why we’re going to share with you a secret to making good use of your washing machine’s three compartments.

  • The first detergent drawer for the washing machine

The first compartment, identified by the number “I”, is used primarily for pre-washing when your laundry is particularly dirty. In this detergent compartment, you can pour it Baking soda, white vinegar, or anti-calc. It will be mixed with water at a low temperature and will be used on the first wash of your laundry.

  • The second detergent drawer for the washing machine

The second detergent drawer in the washing machine is used simply to pour the detergent into the washing machine tub. In general, it is the largest bin and It can be identified by the symbols II or B .. This is where you should put your cleaning fluid or powder. If you are used to using the detergent in capsules or in a dose ball, you can put it directly into the drum of your washer. Make sure to apply it before putting in your laundry so that it will be more effective.

  • The third detergent drawer for the washing machine

The The third detergent section in the washing machine wash Used for pouring fabric softener. It can often be identified by the shamrock symbol. You can use the synthetic fabric softener that you will find in stores or use it White vinegar Which will also lighten your laundry in a natural way.

Pour laundry detergent into the drawer

Pour laundry detergent into the tray. Source: spm

What are the risks if I choose the wrong compartment in the washing machine?

If you are doing laundry, it is very important not to choose the wrong cabin Pour out all laundry cleaning products. Also, if you pour the laundry in the wrong place, it won’t wash properly and you may end up with clothes that are still soiled. For example, if you put fabric softener in the first compartment, the laundry will not be softened because you put it in the pre-wash compartment.

Now that you know the usefulness of the three parts of your washer’s detergent chamber, you won’t be able to go wrong during your next washes. Your laundry will be clean and you will be happy.

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