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Glycerin may not have escaped you, as it is present in many cosmetic treatments. Colorless and odorless, glycerin moisturizes and protects the skin while improving its appearance. but that is not all ! It can also be useful in many other ways. Let’s find out together.

Thanks to its many benefits, glycerin can be used in various ways, particularly for the maintenance and washing of linen.

Why do you use glycerin to wash your clothes?

Glycerin is known as one of the most widely used substances in the cosmetics industry, and it has many benefits for the skin in particular. But its scope is not limited to that. In fact, glycerin can be used for many household tasks, including washing and maintaining linens.

In fact, glycerin has many advantages and above all Known to be a natural anti-stain. This substance is known for its ability to overcome and eliminate the toughest stains on all types of clothing, whether they are traces of coffee, chocolate, lipstick or even blood. And this is not all, because thanks to its properties, it is It also relaxes the fabric fibres Laundry to facilitate the washing process.

Reason, you can replace your classic softener, choose A tablespoon of glycerin when washed in the washing machine. In this way, you will protect the fabric of your clothes and specifically the fibers of your clothes from the aggressiveness of conventional detergents which consist mostly of chemical products. Note that you can also prefer using Marseille glycerine soap to wash woolen clothes.

Glycerin in a measuring bowl

Glycerin in a measuring container – Source: spm

  • Make a natural fabric softener based on glycerin

As you understand, glycerin will be your best ally for more elastic and softer clothes and clothing. In that case, why not consider making your own 100% natural fabric softener by including glycerin? Economical and easy to prepare, this fabric softener will be an excellent alternative to synthetic fabric softeners that contain preservatives that may cause skin reactions. Which leads to itching, redness and irritation. These same synthetic laxatives end up clogging the washing machine drawer. As a result, your laundry ends poorly and emits odors that are far from pleasant.

Here is a simple recipe for natural fabric softener, which is fairly economical and easy to prepare. For this you will need: Lemon juice, 30 ml of vegetable glycerin, 250 ml of water, 200 ml of white vinegar and a few drops of the essential oil of your choice (pine, rose, lavender, etc.).

Preparation will only take a few minutes. All you have to do to get started is to dilute the glycerin in the water by incorporating the white vinegar. Do not be surprised if the solution is not mixed properly, this is completely normal. Next, add a few drops of essential oil, about fifteen. And here’s your ready-to-use natural fabric softener. so you can, Keep it in an airtight container.

Soft linen that smells good

Delicate laundry smells good – Source: spm

Glycerin, for efficient household chores

An ecological and 100% natural solution, vegetable glycerin can also be used in many everyday household tasks, in particular thanks to its cleansing properties.

  • Clean your bathroom with glycerin

You may not know it, but Glycerin prevents plaque buildup In addition to fighting the unsightly effects that may be visible on your bathroom surfaces. To treat this, simply pour 3 drops of glycerin into a liter of water. You will only have to apply the obtained solution to the floor or even ceiling of your bathroom.

  • Wipe your windows with glycerin

Dust and other dirt residue appear on the windows on a regular and daily basis. To flush them away, you will only need a damp microfiber cloth, on which you will pour one or two drops of glycerin. You can then clean the windows and say goodbye to dust. Once the process is complete, you can wipe your windows this time with a clean rag.

  • Preserve your plants with glycerine

Vegetable glycerin may be equally effective on plants because Allows processing of various damaged papers Or invaded by parasites. To do this, just add three drops of glycerin to the irrigation water. Note that this solution also makes it possible to keep flower bouquets for a longer time.

That’s it, the use of vegetable glycerin will have no secrets for you, whether for the maintenance and washing of laundry or for your daily household routine.

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