If you receive this SMS, emptying your bank accounts is a scam

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With any new form of communication comes the risk of fraud and deception. Spam SMS and scams It may constitute an unwanted invasion of your privacy.

Scam alert: be careful if you receive this SMS!

Since the beginning of last summer, thousands of French have received An SMS usurps the identity of Colissimo and UPS as well as the post office, by telling them that a package intended for them has arrived and is awaiting delivery. The SMS in question contains a clickable link that forwards to A website that imitates a delivery service website concerned. However, this is not the official interface of the group, but rather a filecloning.

National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI) She issued a warning via her Twitter account as well as her website on September 1 about the ongoing new wave of fake SMS messages.

Receive unwanted SMS

Receive unwanted SMS. Source: spm

  • A wave of fake SMS to recover the bank details of victims

And this wave has increased since the beginning of the new school year, so that some victims had to choose the date of delivery and, after that, a copy of the virtual character of the post office ” Tweet embed It directs them to install an app on their tablet or smartphone in order to fill out a form. Unfortunately, again, this is a program with files Banking Trojan Virus Its main function is Restore the victim’s bank detailsTo find out: First and last name, account number and password.

In fact, scammers rely on the emergency card to pay their victims to it Pay through Website or app, clonedwith a view Theft of their personal information as such Their bank details.

The people who succumbed to this fraud had their bank accounts emptied and they couldn’t do anything to stop the criminals.

Crook collects personal data of its victims

Crook collects personal data of its victims. Source: spm

I think I sent my personal information to the scammers. What to do?

If you have received a message and You suspect it’s a scamYou still have a chance to act. If you have submitted your personal information, Here are some tips to thwart fraud and secure your data.

  • First of all, take the necessary measures and Block the number that sends you spam messages especially, Do not click on any link contained in this SMS.
  • If you have provided information regarding Your bank card, cancel the respective card with your bank. Thus, scammers will no longer be able to use the information you have provided them. If you have provided personal banking information, such as Your bank account numbersContact your bank immediately to set up Anti-spam protocol suitable.
  • Report the scammers’ phone number to A platform against voice messages and spam via transmitter Text message to 33700.
  • Report the fraud to your phone company, where other customers may have the same experience. By doing so, your telecom provider may take special action if it detects that its customers are receiving similar messages or spam from the same number.
  • Update your passwords ! It won’t hurt to change the password for your banking app or any other website or app you use online. Thus, it will be difficult to hack your personal data. you have to You have a unique password for each account And it’s not a standard password that you use everywhere on the Internet.

Scam text messages may seem obvious, but they are unexpected and can reach you when you least expect them. So always be vigilant and act with caution. But above all, never fill in your personal information. If you have the slightest doubt, contact the relevant service (post office, bank, etc.) to find out if it is a scam or a scam.

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