How do you replace refined sugar with maple syrup in your diet?

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Basic rules for replacing sugar with maple syrup

maple syrup tree

Maple syrup – Source: spm

Maple syrup can replace refined sugar in your diet. Whether to season your dishes or to enhance the taste of your recipes, they will meet your expectations. However, to obtain a satisfactory result, you must follow some basic rules and respect the dosage. For more information, visit

Maple syrup contains roughly the same amount of carbohydrates and the same flavor as refined sugar. Therefore, in most of your recipes, you can replace the sugar with an equivalent amount of maple syrup. These include pickles, sauces and gravy.

However, maple syrup contains about 35% water. For this, you need to be attentive when you want to replace it with sugar in a culinary preparation. In fact, to achieve success with your recipe, it will be necessary to reduce the amount of water or milk that it consists of. By way of illustration, if your recipe should contain 100g of milk and 100g of sugar, you should use 100g of maple syrup and 60g of milk instead. You can use a calculator when dealing with complex quantities.

Various replacement methods

The procedure for replacing refined sugar with maple syrup may vary depending on the recipe you want to prepare.

to make cakes

Cakes are low in sugar. Therefore, it is possible to put 100% maple syrup in the recipe. Try mixing with other liquid ingredients.

To prepare the cake

When it comes to cake, 100% substitution is not acceptable. In fact, this may increase the amount of liquid in the recipe.

Choosing the right maple syrup for optimal replacement

To better replace refined sugar with maple syrup, it should be chosen well. First of all, it is first important to make sure that the packaging bears the words “maple syrup”. In fact, there are some products that say “Maple flavor, maple flavor, etc.” “.

Next, pay close attention to the list of ingredients. Finally, don’t forget to check if it is an organic product. In fact, it’s only organic maple syrup that’s free of additives. In addition, it has less impact on the environment and on the soil.

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