Become a Nivea tester, they send you all the products for free at home: how do you get them? basic

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If you are a fan of skin care products, you can get the latest Nivea products for free all year round. Here’s how.

It is entirely possible to become a Nivea product tester!

Testing of care and beauty products is becoming increasingly possible! You may have heard of this opportunity, but you think it’s impossible for the beauty giants to offer you a free sample of their latest product, and even pay you for your opinion.

However, this is not a scam! In fact, it is an excellent way to take advantage of new products for free and get rewards. If so, some companies are doing it more and more!

Woman holding a Nivea product

Woman holding a Nivea product. Source: spm

How are things going for Nivea?

Through the “Nivea Loves You” web platform, the brand gives its users the opportunity to test and rate its products. Every month Nivea releases a number of free samples of various products and then selects, through sweepstakes, testers to evaluate their latest products. The opportunity to discover new products without having to pay a penny.

Samples are usually full versions like those found in specialty stores, but sometimes the brand will also ship travel size samples.

Each month there are only a limited number of products to test. The brand informs its ambassadors of its next test dates by email, then the lucky ones will send out free samples of Nivea products.

nivea store

Nivea store. Source: spm

Sign up and try your luck to become a Nivea product tester!

If this appeals to you and you would like to become a tester on behalf of the Nivea brand, here’s how to apply and why not receive the products for free.

How do you apply to become a Nivea product tester?

The registration process is very simple. Simply go to the brand’s website, under “My Nivea”, under “Nivea Loves You”. From now on, all you have to do is complete the application form, answer questions about your skincare regimen and agree to the terms of participation by ticking the small box with the words “I accept the terms of participation”. You can then request free samples when they are available.

If luck smiles at you and you are selected, you will receive the products of the brand at home. You will have a few days to test it and give your opinion on the brand’s website.

Benefits of becoming a Nivea tester

  • Get free product samples to try at home (regular size and travel size).
  • Get tons of skin care tips, advice and inspiration from the experts.
  • The ability to participate in online contests to win products and more.
  • Take advantage of printable coupons.
  • Be among the first to be notified of new product launches and to be discovered in preview.

you would understand that, Cosmetic manufacturers save a lot of money with test devices. Thus, they collect very useful and valuable feedback before launching their products in the market. This way, they will have the opportunity to improve upon it before officially introducing their new products to the general public.

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