Why should you always put bay leaves on your cooler? The trick to big savings this winter

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With the current trend geared towards organic and natural, we are seriously starting to ask ourselves questions about home fragrances that contain artificial ingredients that can harm our health. The key is to turn to nature.

Why should you put bay leaves on the cooler?

Room sprays, home air fresheners, home fragrances…It is a promise of a good quality natural product to offer a Feeling of luxury and creating a comfortable environment Has. But is this true? These products you love so much are made with harmful ingredients that can Harm the respiratory system. In fact, companies focus their efforts on the level multisensory marketing In order to promote their business, unfortunately, consumers only see fire. So, for spread a scentr fresh and above all natural Around the house, here’s what to do.

bay leaves

Bay leaves. Source: spm

  • Put the bay leaves on the cooler

By putting some Bay leaves on the coolerAnd the You will be amazed at the scent that will release within minutes and can last for days. To do this:

  • Turn on the heater and wait for it to warm up
  • Put a handful of bay leaves directly on the cooler (you can also put them in a bowl filled with heat-resistant water and put them all on the cooler)
  • Let it act like this, the longer the bay leaf comes in contact with heat, the more pronounced the smell.

In addition to being a perfume that smells good, laurel is also a perfume strong air freshener Allow To neutralize and eliminate Unpleasant odors.

Dried Bayleaves

Dried Bayleaves. Source: spm

What do you do with dried bay leaves?

If you choose the first method, the bay leaf will dry out. you can them Put in a bag and make it herbal tea when you want.

Another way with bay leaf allows you to enjoy its pleasant and soothing aroma. Just burn some bay leaves in a bowl and let the scent permeate your home. Economical and natural, this plant cleans the surrounding air without causing health risks.

Next time you feel stressed, restless, anxious, in a bad mood, or just need to smell your house, turn on the heater, pull out a few leaves of bay leaf, and enjoy its benefits.

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